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Friday, May 27, 2011

Nigerian High Commissioner To Kenya, Dr. C. Wigwe, batters wife!

Emerging reports from Nairobi, Kenya, indicate that Nigerian High Commissioner to Kenya's wife, Mrs. Teresa Wigwe, was badly beaten by her husband or an assailant, RepublicReport New York has learned. According to several sources, Nigerian High Dr. Chijoke Wigwe, is highly organized High Commissioner, and seasoned diplomat. Those who know Dr. Chijioke Wigwe, said he is well 'liked in Kenya and has worked hard to strengthen the relationship between Nigeria and Kenya.

But a stormy reports Thursday, show a a bombshell documentation by DailyTimesNG, narrating how, the Nigerian high Commissioner in Kenya, battered his wife. RepublicReport gathered that 'pictures released by the Nairobi star shows a thoroughly beaten Mrs. Wigwe; adding that neither Dr. Wigwe nor, his wife, Mrs. Wigwe, is taking calls from concerned citizens, reporters and friends of Wigwes as at Press time.

Several sources say enormous pressure is been mounted on the presidency to recall the Dr. Chijoke Wigwe and family, to reduce the shame and embarrassment this incident, places on the image of the country that is currently struggling, in the face of internationally know corruption, which is Nigeria.

Meanwhile, impeccable reports say, under 'Wigwe's ambassadorship, an agreement has been reached between both Kenya and Nigeria governments, that include, getting visas at any entry point into Kenya.

Before this ugly report Dr. Chijoke Wigwe, beating his wife, to a pulp, he had an amazing resume.

Some commentators at Nigeria politics are already calling the Federal government of Nigeria, headquartered in Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, to recall the Wigwes immediately, because besides its ugly outing, insider sources at the presidency is a distraction to upcoming inauguration of president-elect, Goodluck Jonathan, as local and international dignitaries are expected to attend.

Domini Ogbonna, a commentator at Nigeria politics, wrote, Thursday, "These pictures are horrible. I don't know if the wife started the fight, or if the husband did, but the story definitely embarrasses Nigeria. The Ambassador and his family should be promptly recalled", he concluded.

Another competent commentator on Nigeria politics, Mazi KC Prince Asagwara, remarked: "Folks: When I saw the photos of the wife of the High Commissioner so badly beaten, one thing and only one crossed my mind. It looks like adultery is involved in the brutal beating. Adultery, the only probable thing that can make an unseasoned husband/man irrational and vent his anger even in public place.

He quickly added, "Both Dr Chijioke Wigwe and wife Mrs Teresa Wigwe should be recalled to Nigeria immediately to account for their disgraceful outing in far way Kenya", he concluded.

Another concerned citizen, Funmi Balogun, added: "We just woke up to front page news in Kenya that our high commissioner battered his wife, complete with gory pictures of the wife with blood, stitches, and stories of adultery, battering and all sorts (the star newspapers).   The Kenyan Police commissioner was forced to make a statement about withdrawing his immunity so that he can be charged etc.

She added, "the disgrace is unbearable – not only do we have a wife beater as high commissioner, but one that does it publicly too and with a wife that refuses to keep quiet.  We think it's time for him to be recalled back to Nigeria to sort his domestic issues.  Ladies please do something.   His name is Dr Chijioke Wigwe and wife is Mrs. Teresa Wigwe".

Another Mr. Yakubu Usman, literally called Dr. Chijoke Wigwe, an IDIOT and a disgrace.

He remarked: "Chijioke, is an idiot and a disgrace to Ndigbo"...

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