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Friday, December 31, 2010

2nd Bomb Blast explosion on New Year eve at Dunami...

OkoawoBluegate: 2nd Bomb Blast explosion on New Year eve at Dunami...: "Recent report reaching us from Abuja states that a second bomb explosion has occured in a Church (Dunamis Church). Details later.What is hap..."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5 African Breakout Artists of the Year: Iyeoka Ok...

OkoawoBluegate: 15 African Breakout Artists of the Year: Iyeoka Ok...: "15 African Breakout Artists of the Year: Nneka, Ice Prince, Navio, Jojo, Diamond, X.O Senavoe & More! Posted on December 24, 2010 by D..."

Monday, December 27, 2010

84yrs old Hugh Hefner engages 24yrs old


Hugh Hefner's Christmas was extra, extra jolly this year: He's engaged again!

The Playboy founder, 84, is engaged to Crystal Harris, his 24-year-old girlfriend and Playmate, a Playboy rep confirms to UsMagazine.com.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


411daily: SHARON OMOLAYO HAS BEEN FOUND!!!: " Hurray... Kidnapped 5 year old girl Sharon Omolayo has been found Alive... She was found in Ifo, Ogun State.... It is not Confirmed..."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pa Enahoro will always be remembered in Nigeria!

Nigerian elderstateman and foremost nationalist, Anthony Eromosele Enahoro, died yesterday December 15, 2010 in Benin, Edo state at the age of 87. Pa Enahoro was also a journalist and respected democracy activist.
A few weeks ago, he fell ill and was thought to have died at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital in Benin according to family sources. He survived the ordeal with a serious stroke that left him paralyzed before he finally died early yesterday.

Cell Phone Manners: Cellular Phone Etiquette

Cell Phone Manners For Ladies and Gentlemen
Increasingly we are growing depending on our cell phones. We almost have a relationship with them. Perhaps there is increasingly a need for cellular phone etiquette

Also I've included business phone etiquette which I've gathered for us to live peacefully with our phones and every one else's.

Cell Phone Manners In a Restaurant

Cell phones should be turned off to silent mode whenever you are in a restaurant.

If its fine dining, the cellular phone etiquette is to switch it off completely. It is quite rude to pay attention to a cell phone when your date is enjoying your company (and paying a hefty fee).

The less formal the restaurant, the more casual you can be with your cell phone.

However, it's best that you return the call after the meal. If you have to pick it up, tell the caller you'll call them back.

If you are at lunch on a workday, and your client or boss is calling, excuse yourself from the table.

If you really really have to talk at the table, do so quietly. Make it short and brief.

It is to the consideration of other patrons nearby.

Cell Phone Manners Driving

Do not text or use your phone when you are driving if you can help it.

If you do, please use a hands-free set or use the speakerphone function.

If someone calls you, the same cellular phone etiquette goes except if there is someone in your car and you are using the speakerphone, let the caller know the first thing. Tell them that you will call them back.

Cell Phone Manners On a Date or Social function.

Date does not mean a romantic date. It could be lunch with your mother, or coffee with the ladies.

Cellular phone etiquette is to try not to pay attention to your cell phone too much. Whenever your phone beckons, answer it quickly, make it brief. If you get a text message, quickly glance at it, and if it is not urgent, reply later.

Do not fall into an SMS conversation when you are in company. That is rude.

At a party or gathering, do not take your cell phone out and tinker with it, send text messages just because you are bored. If no one is talking to you, make an effort to talk to someone.

Cell Phone Manners On The Table?
It is more acceptable to place your cell phone on the table, though traditionally cellular phone etiquette is not to do so. Therefore, I urge you to only do that if you are expecting a call or message.

Otherwise, leave them unseen, in your bag or coat.

It is more acceptable to leave them on the table during lunch and on a workday than in the evenings or the weekends.

Understandably, we can make work as an excuse.

Cell Phone Manners In Meetings, the Movies, Conferences And Church

We should all be familiar with the cellular phone etiquette now, despite the hundreds of signs and notices we see.

Turn it off.

Or Keep it silent.

And silent without noisy vibrating alert sounds.

If you have to take a call, take it outside. Do this if only it is extremely urgent.

If you have to send an sms, do it quickly.

Cell Phone Manners With A Ringing Phone That is Not Yours

How to employ the cellular phone etiquette when it is not your phone.

The phone rings. Your date has gone to the washroom. Should you answer it?

The answer is NO.

Do not even pick it up to see who is calling.

When he returns. Let him know that he has a missed call.

The only time you should pick it up TO silence or stop the ringing if he has not switched to silent mode in the restaurant.

Only answer the phone that is not yours if you have been instructed to do so.

Answer in a manner that identifies yourself since the caller is not expecting you.

For example,"Kelly's phone, this is Cherise speaking."

Cell Phone Manners With Other People's Phone

The Proper Cellular Phone Etiquette:

Never touch other people's phones unless given the go ahead.

Never ask if you can read their text messages or look at their photos or videos.

Never try to snoop and read them anyway.

When your friend passes you their phone to make a call or look at something, call or look and give it back right away.

Cell Phone Manners Of An Elegant Woman

Her phone is always kept clean and pristine, free of make up.

She keeps at a safe and organized place in her bag so when she needs it, she does not go digging for it.

She does not have a whole gob of trinkets dangling from it.

She only attaches a mobile phone accessory if it helps her to identify it from her bag or for easier handling.

If she uses it for decorative purposes, she keeps it tasteful and clean.

She organizes her phone numbers and keeps the internal storage of her phone impeccable. She does not load it up with games and non-practical applications.

Cell Phone Manners Taking Pictures

Be aware what are random photo picture taking and what is an intrusion of privacy.

Turn off the camera's click sound if you can help it. It is distracting to passer-bys.

Refrain from distributing embarrassing photos taken of your friend.

If unsure, ask if you can take a picture first.

Cell Phone Manners Speaking

Most people forget what the purpose of a cell phone is.

Do not have lengthy chats on the phone simply because you are bored.

At lectures, conferences etc, do not ignore the speaker and simply look at your phone. If you are taking notes using your phone, make efforts to glance up.

Keep your voice low, soft but loud enough for your caller to hear you. Do not speak loudly when on the phone. If your caller can't hear you, move to a quieter place or send a text message.

Keep your calls brief.

Cell Phone Manners When You Want Another Person's Number

If you've met someone through a friend and want his number. Do not ask in this way, "Do you mind if I have Henry's number?"

Rather, it is more polite to ask, "Do you mind asking Henry if I could have his number?"

You could suggest, "Do you mind if you ask Henry to give me a call?"

If someone asks for a number of your friend and you are not right there on the spot, say you'll pass it to her later. That delay of time is for you to check if it is okay.

If you are placed on the spot, simply say, 'I'm not sure which number is the most convenient to call, I'll check with him which one is the best.'

Or find a gracious excuse to check with your friend first. If all fails, simply say, I'll check with him if that is alright.

My Cell Phone And Me

I have a love-hate relationship with my phone. When I was running my business in a retail shop, I thoroughly disliked phone calls during business hours because they were always problems about work.

Nevertheless, cell phones have invaded our lives and we need to learn how to live with it peacefully. And with that I mean with other people's phones as well as them having to live with yours!

Thank you for reading Cell Phone Manners!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

8 Harmful Effects of Fat!

8 Harmful Effects of Fat

By: Marci Lall

Fat, mainly fat around your waistline, increases your risk of some serious illnesses. Are you doing anything about it? Chances are, you've probably tried a bunch of things that were either to hard to implement or something that claimed you would lose a number of pounds in a number of days. But in order to really see results you have to understand that losing weight is a process and it does take time. If you are overweight and need a quick dose of motivation to lose the excess pounds I suggest you take a look at these 8 harmful effect of fat and what it can do to your body and lifestyle.

Losing weight may save your life.

Do you see yourself as a ticking time bomb ready to explode any day now? If heart disease, high blood pressure, or high triglycerides are common in your family or family history, then losing weight ca definitely change that. You can seriously cut your risk of having health problems by shedding a few extra pounds.

It's not only you.

Can you believe that two-thirds of all Americans are overweight and that one-third of them are considered obese? Unfortunately this has created a wave of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), heart disease, heart-related deaths, strokes and diabetes. Also, many types of cancers have been related with obesity.

Don't hurt your heart with fat.

With excess weight every major system in your body feels the stress. The heart ultimately becomes the victim. As cholesterol builds your blood pressure rises and your arteries get clogged. Also, the blood loses its ability to clot which increases your risk of stroke.

Fat will turn you into a guy!

When women become overweight they begin to have higher levels of male hormones, which increases their risk of heart disease. These hormones also cause male pattern balding, excess facial hair, and acne outbreaks.

Fat activates diabetes.

Whatever you do, DO NOT skip this piece of advice. The extra weight affects another hormone called insulin, which leads to diabetes. Having diabetes increases your heart disease risk and can turn into a vicious circle of life and death.

Fat takes your sleep away.

If your overweight chances are you often suffer from sleep disorders. The most dangerous is sleep apnea. With sleep apnea, you stop breathing many times during the night, which makes your oxygen level drop. When your oxygen levels drop it affects your heart, blood vessels and increase your stroke, and diabetes risk.

Fat destroys your hips and knees.

The total impact of excess weight on your lower body creates tons of problems. You're risk of osteoporosis increase and you'll develop hip and back problems.

Lose weight now.

A change in eating habits and exercise - this is what it takes to lose weight and decrease your risk of any diseases. You've got to commit to making lifestyle changes that fit into your daily routine. i won't lie to you and say it will be easy, but it's not that difficult either. it's all about making that lifestyle change and having the discipline to consistently be focused on what you want to achieve.

About the Author

Marci Lall provides Personal Training Forest Hill in Toronto. If you would like to get his free Stability Ball Abdominal Workout that has 9 highly effective abdominal exercises for women just go to this link http://www.foresthillpersonaltraining.com/free-stuff

(ArticlesBase SC #601093)

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ - 8 Harmful Effects of Fat

Friday, December 10, 2010

5 Signs your spouse is involved in Online Affair !

Online affair is becoming so common in the today's society. Sadly, relationship online can break real offline relationships.

By knowing some of the signs of the online affair, you can at least be prepared when or what to suspect. Although clues are never a real confirmation, they are always good indicator and it's up to you to look into it further.

Let's start by looking at some typical clues:

1. Your partner spends excessive time online.

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Get Great Ideas Online!

It's A Bridal Thing!: Get Great Ideas Online!: "When you first meet your wedding planner, it's good to come with some general ideas about how you want your big day to look. Here are some w..."

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Lady Clara Adams Oshiomole is Dead!

The wife of Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomole, Clara Oshomole is dead. She allegedly died of cancer on tuesday night, just a few days to her daughter's wedding.
It would be recalled that she has not been in social circle in recent times as she was said to have been abroad receiving treatment for the ailment but returned to Nigeria a few days ago for the wedding slated for Dec.19, 2010.
May her soul rest in perfect peace....Our condolences to the Family of Comrade Adams Oshiomole and the Good people of Edo State.

First Lady Clara Adams Oshiomole is Dead!

The wife of Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomole, Clara Oshomole is dead. She allegedly died of cancer on tuesday night, just a few days to her daughter's wedding.
It would be recalled that she has not been in social circle in recent times as she was said to have been abroad receiving treatment for the ailment but returned to Nigeria a few days ago for the wedding slated for Dec.19, 2010.
May her soul rest in perfect peace....Our condolences to the Family of Comrade Adams Oshiomole and the Good people of Edo State.

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