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Monday, January 31, 2011

Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo among the 10 Nigerian writers to watch in 2011

Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo 

Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo – The poet
Like Tolu Ogunlesi, Boston-based Nigerian American Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo is living proof that Nigeria has the highest ratio of pharmacists-turned-poets in the world. A bard, singer, activist and educator with a degree in pharmacy, Okoawo was also appointed a 2010 TED Global Fellow, a move which underlines her commitment to let her message be her medicine. Okoawo released her first solo album of poetry and music (“Black and Blues”) in 2004 and at the beginning of this month she put out her third, an album titled “Say Yes” which made history as the first-ever ‘Evolving Album’ which gives purchasers added content for free as the album evolves. Her name means “I want to be respected” in her native Esan language, and with her extraordinary talent we don’t see how we could do anything but.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Very Funny......Some mothers do have them...

Very funny pics for your delight.....lol 
...more hilarious pics after cut...

Very Funny Catwalk Falls!!!

OOPS! Poor model falls on a catwalk… Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to see tall, skinny chicks tumble down the runway? It just makes them a little more human, don’t you think? Are those catwalks greased up or are they just clumsy? Check out these girls falling like pins to the ground. Enjoy 


Kim Kardashian all the way!!!

Fresh off the heels of a breakup with alleged beau Gabriel Aubrey, Kim was rumored to be dating yet another athlete: New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries. Wouldn’t it be weird to have a mom and boyfriend with the same name?

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