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Saturday, March 31, 2012

New faces of "Baby Factory": Girls paid to get pregnant for powerful baby vendors.

In Ihiala village, in Anambra State, off the Onitsha-Owerri expressway, one massive compound, with high walls is always a beehive of activity. Teenage girls and flashy cars go in and out daily. From outside, it is difficult to see what goes on there. However, checks revealed that the compound is a factory of sorts. Just as normal factories, where ordinary goods are made, this peculiar "factory" churns out special products. It is a place where babies are produced and sold. It's Spormil Hospital and Maternity and/or Iheanyi Ezuma Foundation.

Director of Child Development in the Anambra State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, Mr. Emeka Ejide, said this of the place: "The foundation is registered under a non-government organization, but the latest discovery is not in the certificate given to the office." What is the latest discovery?

Following a tip-off, a police team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Okere Okey and Inspector Francis Ogbuonye, from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Awka, Anambra State, swooped on the facility on Friday, October 14, 2011. The police team made a stunning discovery: About 30 teenage girls lived inside the compound. They were not related or from Ihiala. They came from various places. Three of them claimed to be students of former Alvan Ikoku College of Education (now Federal College of Education, Owerri, Imo State, while others were secondary schools dropouts. No matter what they are, they share a common destiny or fate: They were pregnant.
During the raid, the 49-year-old proprietress of the centre, alongside two security guards and two other unidentified men were arrested.

The police also made a similar raid on another 'baby factory,' Divine Mercy Motherless Babies' Home, in Ibosi, where the proprietress, allegedly escaped before policemen arrived. It was gathered that the woman evacuated 20 pregnant teenagers in her 'baby factory' as well as eight babies.

New face of 'baby factories'
Investigations revealed that 'baby factories' are springing up in parts of the country with reckless abandon, especially in the South-East and Port Harcourt axis. Some of them operate under the guise of rehabilitation centres, orphanages and motherless babies' homes. According to Anambra State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Dr (Mrs) Ego Uzoezie, there are over 51 illegal orphanages and motherless babies' homes in Nkpo and Awada axis. And as some are being closed, new ones are opening shop.

Take this: Not long ago, soldiers burst a baby factory tucked inside the sleepy Ugwaku community in Okigwe, Imo State. Situated along the Enugu/Port Harcourt expressway, it was a haven for child tracking activities. There, scores of pregnant girls were camped until they put to bed, after which they are given between N50, 000 and N100,000 depending on how long they stayed at the centre, and their babies taken away. It was gathered that while some pregnant girls found their way there, some hired deviant boys and girls were also camped there to engage in sexual orgies with the sole aim of making the girls pregnant and the fruits of such exercises belong to the operators of the camp.

To facilitate access to the factory, the owner, an Ondo-born woman popularly known as Iyawo, allegedly built a bridge on old Okpara Road, Umumahia, to link the community so that her clients won't pass through the Umuahia expressway. Undercover reporter recently paid a visit to the area and discovered that the factory has been relocated from Umumahia village, in Ugwaku, to Umuagwu village, where Iyawo's daughter lives with the husband. Ironically, her new base is the home of the traditional ruler of Ugwuaku autonomous community, Eze Emmanuel Igbojionu, Aku 1 of Ugwuaku.
When the reporter met the traditional ruler in his palace, he denied knowledge of such practices in his domain. He said: "If such a thing is in existence, I would have known because the vigilance team is working 24 hours a day. If they get any information, they will come and brief me. They cannot see such a thing and hide it."
Despite the monarch's denial, a source said: "The community is under siege. People here see no evil and speak no evil because powerful individuals are involved."

served that every stranger into the community is subjected to some form of scrutiny. When our undercover reporter asked a young lady the direction to the house of Iyawo's daughter's husband, she feigned ignorance. In fact, she claimed not to know anything about the community, even though she was born and bred there. But unaware that the reporter was watching, she stopped in her tracks, ducked under a tree and began to work her mobile telephone frantically.
It was gathered that the woman, who also postures as a herbalist, has made a kill from the illicit business and uses the proceeds to intimidate the hapless villagers. Among other property, she owns a filling station on Enugu-Port-Harcourt expressway. An untouchable, she is also said to be in a dalliance with a former local government chairman and now serving member of the Imo State House of Assembly, who provides support.

Indeed, the Okigwe child trafficking kingpin is well connected. For example, shortly after the army team led by Major Obasanjo burst her former operational base and arrested her, high net worth individuals moved in to secure her release. Eventually, the Army officer was removed and she was released. And the business goes on.

A notorious baby factory
There is also a notorious "baby factory" at Umunkpeyi Nvosi, Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area of Abia State. The place, which has existed for several years, is like a phoenix. It has been raided many times by security agents but it usually bounced back.
Saturday Sun undercover reporter was at Umunkpeyi Nvosi recently and saw it bubbling. Pregnant teenage girls milled around the home owned by a nurse. Several raids in the past have not stopped the wheel of the factory turning, as it were.
According to the Commissioner of Police in-charge of the X-Squad, the 'factory,' which presents itself as a maternity clinic cum charity home and child care centre, operates a private mortuary and cemetery, where dead pregnant teenagers and/or their babies are buried unceremoniously. During a raid by police operatives, a grave was dug up, revealing a fresh body of a mother with the infant child.

Enyimba City involved
Aba, the commercial nerve centre of Abia State, is also home of "baby factories." One of the most notorious is on Okigwe Road. Its owner is rich and drives cars with customised number plates. Security agents have raided the place in the past but it usually bounced back. A NAPTIP source described it as a pain in the neck. Another one is found along Aba-Port Harcourt expressway, by Osisioma junction. Both of them have been perpetually involved in the illicit business.
When Saturday Sun visited the factory on Okigwe Road recently, it was in full swing. About 10 pregnant girls were seen in the reception room watching television and chatting heartily. The "doctor," who runs the factory at Osisioma is being aided by his wife, a foreigner.

Method of operation
Investigations revealed that while some of the "factories" operate clandestinely, others function with seeming force of law. Those in the second category usually register as charity organisations and motherless babies' homes but they convert such to avenues for the trafficking of babies.
Speaking on Ngozi Ezuma's operations, Uzoezie said: "What the woman is doing is not what she was registered for." In the same vein, Anambra Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Chukwuemeka Chukwu, admitted that people are "taking advantage of these innocent girls for business rather than going into charity work they registered for."
Checks revealed that some of these child traffickers registered non-governmental organizations, posturing as compassionate homes. A source said: "These non-governmental organisations lure or con young girls to camp with them. In some cases, the girls are subjected to unpaid hard labour while pregnant."
According to 17-year-old victim, Chioma, inmates at a home in Okigwe are made to crack one bucket of palm kernel before they could eat. In the high profile factories, the pregnant girls are kept and fed miserly, particularly on beans until they put to bed.

The racket
The operators of the homes create the impression that they are on a charity mission and providing the shoulder for teenage girls, who tasted the forbidden fruit too early and got trapped with pregnancy, to lean on. For instance, when 49-year-old Ezuma was arrested, she declared: "Rather than encouraging them to do abortion, we take care of them."
The inevitable questions are, what happens to the babies delivered by the teenage girls? How do the care providers recoup their expenses on the girls while pregnant?

A resident of Umunkpeyi Nvosi, said that none of the girls is ever seen leaving with a new born baby. However, while pregnant, the girls are sometimes seen in the village market or around the centre but when leaving, after putting to bed, they leave alone. Their babies are sold and they are paid off. Buyers are always on queue waiting for babies to be delivered.
The 'baby factories' also help women who buy the babies to cover their track and pretend that they are the biological mothers of the babies. These women are fed with some drugs that make them look pregnant. After nine months, it was learnt, when a delivery is due, they come to the home and pick a baby that has been arranged for them.

Fake adoption is also part of the business. Some prospective adoptive parents willingly or inadvertently connive with assessors without following due process and rules stipulated for adoption. Checks revealed that assessors who are supposed to be attached or posted to Magistrate's Courts procure fake or forged court orders with which they sale babies. The operation involves tiers and layers of fraudulent activities. In some cases, it starts with a pregnant teenager being delivered at a hospital. Afterwards, the baby is deposited at a motherless babies' home, where it would be sold using forged court order. Adoption by proxy, another illegal act, is also adopted. For instance, one retired Chief Social Officer with the Anambra State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and an assessor, was recently nabbed for his alleged involvement in an attempt to sell a baby with a forged court order. The baby in question was said to be from the Crowther Motherless Babies' Home, Onitsha, which gets its supply from Concord Hospital and Maternity, Onitsha.
It was gathered that when girls are delivered of their babies at the hospital, such babies are trafficked to the home, where they are adopted using illegal means. Meanwhile, the teenage mothers, when asked, claim that their babies died shortly after delivery.


Native doctors place coffins at UNIBEN Bursar's residence

Fear gripped Senior Staffers of the University of Benin on friday after native doctors placed coffins and some juju objects in front of the residence of the Bursar of the institution, Dr. May Nwoye.

The residence of Dr. Nwoye is located at the Senior Staff quarters in the University premises.

It was gathered that the coffins and juju were placed about midnight.

Many staff and students were at the Bursar's residence to catch a glimpse of the fetish objects.

Red clothings were tied round the coffins and knives were used to pierce the heart of two hens whose inside were torn open.

Dr. Nwoye could not be reached for comments but some occupants at the residence said they were scared.

A Professor in the university who pleaded anonymity described the incident as a 'serious dimension', saying that the university community was no longer safe.

"The security used to check for bombs. How come they did not see the people bringing these objects into the university at the dead of the night?" he queried.

When contacted, Public Relation Officer of the institution, Barr. Harris Osarenren said he was not aware of the incident


Friday, March 30, 2012

Awful: Coco's EXTREME Nip Slip In London (Photos)

Coco and Ice-T were having a suppose blast in London when Ice-T's boobilicious wife suffered a major nip slip – or more like a whole boob slip.  Check out the uncensored photos of Coco's wardrobe malfunction

Don't even look like an accident to me.

Double Wahala:: Bed-Ridden Nollywood Actor, Prince James Uche Kicked Out Of Home By His Wife

Woman where is "in sickness and in health" in your wedding vows?

Veteran actor, Prince James Uche who has been battling diabetes and hypertension that left him almost bedridden for two years now is homeless at the moment.

The tough-talking actor has been kicked  out of their Gbagada, Lagos residence by his wife, Ekene  who  claimed to be tired of running the affairs of their family all alone.

The displaced actor is currently squatting in a white-garment-Church, located near his former Gbagada home in Lagos. He is calling on all well-meaning Nigerians to come to his rescue.

WG gathered  that Uche's wife, a seamstress in Gbagada,  allegedly got fed up with her husband's endless predicament after two years of single-offhandedly fending for the family, resulting in her reaching the drastic decision to throw him out of their house.

A source close to the couple said trouble started for the Abia state-born  actor, when he recently returned to Lagos after spending more than a year in his home town, in Abia State. He had gone to seek alternative solution to his protracted ailment only to return to Lagos, to meet his  wife a changed person.

He was said to be practically having  issues  with her  almost on daily basis  since stepping into their rented apartment.

"While he was sick, his wife took over the responsibility of catering for the family, including paying the children's  school fees. So, when he returned to Lagos recently after spending more than a year in Abia State, his wife couldn't stand him any more.

The situation forced the actor to relocate to a nearby white garment Church, in Gbagada. It was in the said Church he allegedly received healing from his illness. "The Church serves as his current abode" narrated our source.

Given his present condition, Prince Uche who has been off the screen for sometimes now, and almost impoverished following his protracted illness is calling on Nigerian to help save his marriage from hitting the rock as well as rehabilitating him. He does not want his marriage to crash because of his inability to fend for his family.

According to him, since his illness started two years ago, he has not featured in any movie, adding that his desire is to stay together with his wife to train their three children.

His words  "Í don't want my marriage to crash. I'm once again calling on Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State to come to my rescue. He responded well by paying my hospital bill the last time I was on admission. Though God has healed me, I sincerely need help."

Prince James Uche, two years ago was diagnosed to be suffering from diabetes and hypertension. He spend over eight months at PAX Medical Clinic located in Ijesha-Tedo, Surulere, Lagos, where  he was unable to upset his medical bills until Governor Theodore Orji  of Abia State  came to rescue, courtesy  of Saturday Vanguard reports on his predicaments.

Still recuperating from the illness, Prince Uche relocated to the eastern part of the country about a year ago to seek for alternative solution to his ordeal.  He returned to Lagos recently to reunite with his family, only to be kicked out of the home by a wife who stood by him  even  when  his condition  was unbearable.

Genesis of his ordeal could be traced to when  he collided with a BRT bus in the Anthony Village area of Lagos in 2010. The father of three children, recalled that after colliding with the bus, the next thing "I noticed was that my leg began to swell. And since the incident happened, I have visited several Churches and hospitals to no avail".

Today what Prince Uche thought was a minor injury has surpassed his wildest dream. With no solution in sight only the aid of well meaning Nigerians can make the difference in the life of the veteran actor.


Naija "Ankara Bikinis" To Give The Western World A Run For Their Money (Photos)

Cute, sexy and adorable!!!!

But Naija babes hot sha.

18-Year-Old Ukranian Girl Who Posted A Video Describing How 3 Men Gang-Raped Her Dies

The poor Ukrainian teen who was gang-raped, dumped in a ditch and set on fire has died days after she posted a tragic online video revealing her ordeal.

Oksana Makar bravely told from her hospital bed how she was raped, strangled and burned by three men in a savage attack which stripped off 55 per cent of her skin.

Her harrowing hospital video, filmed by her mother, emerged after medics had been forced to amputate one of her arms and both her feet in a battle to keep her alive.

But after a two-week fight for life, health officials in Donetsk said Oksana, 18, died today of severe burns and damage to her lungs.

The rape attack on Oksana shocked Ukraine with its cruelty, and also caused nationwide protests against corruption after police initially released two of the suspects who had powerful connections in the region.

In the 1:19 minute video clip which emerged earlier this month, Oksana looks distraught as her mother, Tetyana Surovitska, urges her to describe her horrific ordeal by saying 'a couple of words to Ukraine'.

She starts to describe the attack, but then breaks off looking visibly upset and says she can't.

The fire stripped off 55 per cent of her skin and surgeons had to amputate one of her arms and both her feet as they battled to keep her alive - her bandaged shoulder can be seen on her right side.

When questioned as to what punishment her attackers should receive after the March 9 attack, the teen replies their testicles should be cut off and fed to dogs.

Two of the suspects were Maxim Prisyjnikov, 23, the son of the regional administrator, and Artyon Pogosyan, 21, the son of the regional prosecutor, according to the Hurriyet Daily News.

When her mother asks her how she will survive, the blonde-headed young woman says: 'How I will live, I will live. That's all.'

Her mother has been criticised for posting the video online with many users suggesting it was insensitive to her daughter asking her to recount her harrowing experience publicly when 'she is clearly distraught and in pain.'

Miss Makar starts to describe the attack, but then breaks off looking visibly upset and says she can't.

Ms Surovitska has already been accused of spending fundraising money for her daughter's care on herself, as well as charging reporters for interviews.

'Look at me. Do I look like a rich woman?' she said in an interview with a Ukrainian website, Gazeta.ua.

The shocking case sparked mass protests across Ukraine and naked campaigners led protests over the sloppy nature of the police investigation and the perceived leniency with which the suspects have been treated.

Some Members of Parliament have called for Ukraine to bring in the death penalty for the accused, with one even suggesting the alleged rapists be castrated.

The 18-year-old claims she was invited by Prisyjnikov and Pogosyan to their friend Yevgeniy Krasnoshek's apartment, where she was allegedly raped.

They tried to strangle her to death before wrapping her in a sheet, dumping her in a pit at a construction site and setting her alight, it was alleged in the Kyiv Post.

Miss Makar was found barely alive the following day by a man who heard her moaning. After undergoing surgery, she was finally able to recount her ordeal to police.

She regained consciousness on Friday, but doctors induced a coma and moved her from a hospital in Mykolayiv to a burn treatment center in Donetsk.

In an interview with Gazeta.ua after the attack, she said: 'I could not feel my body. At first, I was screaming for help.

'But there was nobody there, I began to pray. I thought I had died. I remember it all as if in a fog.'

The three suspects were arrested, but two of them were released later that day due to lack of evidence, according to the Mykolayiv prosecutor's office.

Prosecutors say they did not question Miss Makar because she was not conscious despite her mother insisting she was able to speak.

But anger erupted across the country when a chief police officer confirmed two of the suspects were sons of former government officials, one of whom apparently appeared in a YouTube video calmly describing the attack.

Women's rights group Femen staged a topless protest in front of the general prosecutors office in the capital, Kyiv, chanting 'Death to the sadists!' and 'Execute the b****s!'

Edo State Youths Protest Condemning NLC And TUC Rally In Benin

It was mixed reaction in Benin City today when some Edo state youths took to the street to protest against NLC and TUC rally which took place some days ago.
Their grievances was that the labour group is in no position to dictate the candidate that Edo state civil servants should vote for, describing them as corrupt and hungry leaders.
The group was led by Olu Matins.

To understand the whole story read the details below:

Governor Adams Oshiomhole with NLC Benin Branch coerced the members of its body to organise a rally in declaration for Comrade Adams ahead of July 14 election. What appears to be a desperate and panic rally was in flagrant disobedience of restraining order obtained by Congress For Progressive Change [CPC] in industrial court, an order widely publicised wherein the NLC Benin Branch was Ordered not to organise the said rally.

What actually beats everybody's imagination was that, even Governor Adams Oshiomhole who was brought to power by court process was the same person who led some ignorant civil servants to force open Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium to the consternation of the policemen drafted to ensure compliance with the court order.
One can not but wonder why a governor of a state should disobey court order with impunity.

A country where state governors are not shielded with immunity, they behave like humans and obey laws.
When Our News Crew visited the venue of the rally, civil servants present at the rally were mostly messagers, Security Men, drivers and low staffs of some ministries who were mostly interested in grabbing the T Shirt which probably came from tax payers money.

One of the participants who didn't want her name in print said "I no get choice. My ogah na Oshiomhole man, he say e go sack me if no join the rally."

However, most judicial workers reported to duty in spite of the rumours that it was going to be a public holiday in solidarity with Labour.

It is worthy of note that Judging from the dismal performance of NLC during the Subsidy strike in January, majority of enlightened people do not take them serious anymore.
They appeared to be seeking for relevance in the dustbin of political turbulence.

Pharmacist Matthew Urhohide of the PDP took a swipe on Labour led by Eboigbodin and ANC led by Oshiomhole of Benin as lawless for disobeying court order and thereafter claimed ignorance of the existence of the order.
Labour who claimed ignorance of the Order were the same people who announced in the Stadium that they heard of the order but was not served on them.
Mr Ikhiria, press secretary to the Governor claimed that Industrial court has no power to make such a restraining order.

The law as appears to the learned men is that court order is valid until vacated.

From the foregoing, one only hope that this kind of attitude toward court is not carried into the July 24 gubernatorial election.

Leader Of Female Robbery Gang Pleads For Leniency For Her Gang

Nneka Orji, the head of a female robbery gang arrested by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Lagos has confessed that she and her girls derived joy from torturing their male victims because they were once victims of robbery attacks perpetrated by guys.

Speaking on their mode of operation, the lady who hails from Otolo Nnewi, Anambra State, said: "I had been a victim of the crime for which we were arrested. I was tortured and nearly raped. But for the leg kick I gave to one of the criminals who attempted to rape me after the gang had duped me of my life savings, I would have been raped.

"If I mention the amount, you would not believe me. I have fallen victim to many wicked men. Some who said they wanted to marry me later became gold diggers and abandoned me after milking me dry. These wicked acts made me to hate men, especially the criminally-minded ones.

"I am not an armed robber because we did not operate with gun. Ours was more of brain works. We obtained by false pretence, otherwise called 419," 27-year-old Nneka said.

"However, God gave me a reliable fiancé. His name is Mr. Okey Holland from Nnewi. He travelled to Holand on a business trip and we hope to do our traditional marriage and a society wedding the moment he returns from Holland.

"For now, I reside with my uncle, one Mr. Ikechukwu Ndu of No. 14, College Road, Ogba. He knows that I am into 419 business.

"I was arrested for armed robbery when we did not rob with arms. In fact, what we did was not armed robbery. It was a common 419 deal. Why it looked like armed robbery was that our victim, a lady, jumped out of our operational vehicle, shouting ole! ole!! (robber! robber!!), which attracted an irate mob and the police at Alausa (Lagos). We were arrested and handed over to SARS.

"The officer in charge of SARS, SP Abba Kyari, even instructed the investigating police officer, Coporal Ediga Augustine, not to put us in confirmed armed robbery cell until he had finished the investigation. Our business is to defraud people. We are not armed robbers."

Asked what role he played in the gang, she said: "My role is very clear. I played the role of a catcher. I speak the word to the victim and if it catches him or her, others will start working on him or her.

"For instance, if a victim enters our cab, my role is to open up a discussion by speaking the word, like telling him or her that we had dollars in the vehicle or that a foreigner or an Alhaji wanted his dog to sleep with me but I ended stealing plenty of dollars from him before I escaped. I would tell the passenger that the problem was how to change it or where to take it to.

"If the passenger is foolish and expressed interest, we would start working on him or her. But if he or she did not show interest, we would drop him. I was also a victim before I joined them."

Asked how they were able to torture men without guns, she said they used to push stubborn men out of their vehicle while in motion, making them to sustain serious injuries.

"At times, we would pull their manhood with our hands until they felt serious pains and made forced promise to the gang not to involve the police," she added.

According to an insider in SARS office in Lagos, Nneka and her four other accomplices will be charged to court soon for robbery. But Nneka is begging them not to do so, she's insisting that they are "common criminals" and should be treated and tried as such.

33-Year-Old Nigerian Man Sentenced To Death By Hanging For Drug Trafficking

A high court in Malaysia has sentenced a Nigerian man, Sylvester Okole to death by hanging for drug trafficking. The Nigerian, was found guilty of drug trafficking two years ago but the sentence was read on Tuesday, 27 March, 2012.

The accused, clad in a white T-shirt and black trousers, looked calm when a court interpreter informed him of the sentence.

The accused was represented by B. Murthy while prosecution was carried out by Deputy Public Prosecutor Naziah Mokhtar.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Warning To Junta: ECOWAS Bans Mali Over Coup

The body representing nations in western Africa has suspended Mali and has put a peacekeeping force on standby in the most direct threat yet to the junta that seized control in a military coup last week.

Alassane Ouattara, President of Ivory Coast and chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), said Mali's democracy cannot be abandoned.

A delegation of five African presidents will head to Mali in the next 48 hours to try to "restore constitutional order".

There was no immediate plan to deploy peacekeepers who will be put on standby in the event a military intervention is needed, said Kadre Desire Ouedraogo, ECOWAS president.

The US, European Union and France have cut off all but essential aid.

The coup took the region and the world by surprise. Mali has long been held up as one of the few established democracies in the troubled western corner of the continent. Late on Tuesday on state television, the newscaster announced Mali would soon be under a new constitution, indicating the coup leaders are moving forward with plans to create a new government.

The entire constitution will be read on state television later.

33-Year-Old Mother Commits Suicide 12 Years After Horrific Acid Attack

A Pakistani former dancing girl has decided to end it all.

She decided to commit suicide 12 years after being heavily facially disfigured by acid bath.

Fakhra Younus, 33, leapt to her death from a sixth floor building in Rome 12 years after the acid attack which she said left her looking 'not human'.

At the time of her attack in May 2000, her ex-husband Bilal Khar was the man accused of entering her mother's house and pouring acid over Younus's face as she slept.

The attack, which took place in front of Younus's then five-year-old son, left her unable to breathe and fighting for life.

Her nose was almost completely melted and she has since undergone 39 separate surgical procedures to repair her disfigured face over the past decade.

The horrific attack also burned off her hair, fused her lips, blinded her in one eye, destroyed her left ear and melted her breasts.

After being rushed to hospital she said, 'My face is a prison to me', while her distraught young son said at the time, 'This is not my mother'.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stephene Okereke Picks April For Wedding As Fiance, Linus Lures America To Establish Movie Academy In Nigeria

Nollywood Actress, Stephene Okereke and her heartthrob, Linus Idahosa has ofically fixed the date for their much expected wedding.

They will be tying the knot on April 21st, 2012.

There's an exclusive guest list and the would-be couple have already started calling and asking the quests where their Invites should be sent.

Meanwhile, Nigeria's entrepreneur and media consultant, Linus Idahosa, who was on a recent tour to the US made a passionate case for the local burgeoning film and entertainment industry. Linus Idahosa is on a mission like no other. Basking in the euphoria and success of his recent United States tour to create awareness of the massive potentials in Nigeria's creative industry, he enthused about Nigeria's potential gains from renewed interests from the top echelon of the American entertainment sector.

More specifically, he wishes to establish partnerships with American movie studios to build a full-service production studio and academy in Nigeria. This, he hopes, will produce original motion pictures for cinema audiences across Africa and the world. He also revealed plans for an innovative distribution model for digital content and advertising, called the D-BOX.
"I want the world to see the beauty and great potentials of Nigeria through its creative sector," Idahosa said.

"Nigeria can be a world leader in entertainment and my dream is to enable that happen."

Wife of the US Deputy Secretary of State, Diana Villers Negroponte, a Brookings Institute diplomat and a global funder of major women projects in Africa and around the world, called Idahosa an "awesome and dynamic individual, who has a great vision. His passion extends to providing new opportunities to youths and women that can only lead to a brighter future for Nigeria."

Mo’Cheddah Reveals Ice Prince Wants To Date Her

Ko Ma Roll crooner and ace Yoruba rapper, Modupe Oreoluwa otherwise known as Mo'Cheddah is currently in a pool of dilemma. The dilemma, exclusively gathered by Nigeria DailyPost has been giving her sleepless night. The young and petite rapper recently opened up that Oleku singer, Ice Prince has been expressing his love for her but she's in doubt.
Excerpts from the interview

Ice Prince and I

He is my friend.  A very good friend of mine.  He is always proclaiming his love for me but I don't believe him.  But he is my very good friend. 
He is a beautiful rapper.  I love the texture of his voice.  His wordplay is amazing and his use of words shows he is widely read. He is intelligent.  Listening to him, you just know that intellectually, he is sound.  As a rapper, I really, really, really, really like Ice Prince. 


41-Year-Old Mother And Her 2 Daughters Docked For Alleged Internet Scam

A 41-year-old mother and her two daughters were on Tuesday arraigned before an Ogudu Chief Magistrates' Court in Lagos for allegedly defrauding a man via the internet.

The accused are Esther Okuinosa, Founder and Pastor, Peace of the God Word Gospel Church, 10 Sewo St., Ibafo in Ogun, and her daughters- Chika Felix, 20, and Ifeoma Felix 21.

The trio are facing a three-count-charge of conspiracy, fraud and stealing.

The prosecutor, Corporal Kemi Adeniran, told the court that the accused persons fraudulently collected N4.2 million from one Nonso Ajas, under the pretext of buying him laptops.

"The complainant, Nonso Ajas, knew Chika through the internet and they started dating. Chika told Nonso her aunty deals in laptops.

"Chika asked Nonso to send some money to her in order to help him buy laptops at cheaper rates, which he did,'' Adeniran said.

The prosecutor also told the court that the complainant paid into Chika's account N4.2 million for the said laptops.

"It was when the police traced Chika that they found she was conspiring with her sister and mother to perpetrate the crime,'' Adeniran said.

She said that the offence, which was committed between July 2010 and March 2012 at Ikorodu, contravened Sections 323, 312, 419 and 360 of the Criminal Code Laws of Lagos State.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges and were granted bail in the sum of N100,000 each with two responsible sureties in like sum.

Chief Magistrate Yetunde Aje-Afunwa adjourned hearing in the case till April 23. (NAN)

Naval rating Accused Of Killing His 3-Months Old Baby Walks Free

A naval rating, Joseph Moses, who allegedly aligned with some hoodlums to kidnap his three-month-old baby and later threw him into the lagoon at Liverpool area of Apapa, Lagos, is yet to be arrested.

But the spokesperson for the state police command, Mr. Joseph Jaiyeoba, said there was nothing unusual about that because the suspect was a military man.

Jaiyeoba said, "Something you must understand is that, there are procedures that need to be followed when a military personnel is accused of a criminal act.

"Even if he had been initially arrested, the police would still have to refer him to military authorities, who would exert their own disciplinary action before handing him over to the police."

According to Jaiyeoba, the present situation notwithstanding, the State Criminal Investigations Department, where the case is being investigated, has the authority to arrest any suspect no matter the person's status.

Two suspects in custody of the SCID, Messrs Peter Elias and Amadu Bello, had accused the naval rating for being behind the kidnap of the baby.

They also alleged that the policemen at Ajeromi Police Station, Ajegunle, where the case was first reported, had released four other suspects in the case after they paid 20,000 each to the investigating police officers.

The duo, who said they did not know about the plan, noted that the suspects that were freed were actually the ones that aided Moses to carry out the plan.

Meanwhile, the police spokesperson said there was no truth in the duo's allegation.

He said, "Police do not grant bail to suspects in a murder case, that's something people need to understand.

"In fact, the Commissioner of Police summoned the Divisional Police Officer of Ajoromi and asked him about the issue and he cleared the air that no such thing happened."

The three-week-old baby, a love child between the naval rating and a woman, identified simply as Happiness was said to have been kidnapped on February 10, after Moses denied that he was the baby's father.

The two suspects at the SCID confessed that Moses put the baby in a carton and threw her into the lagoon.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Bello, a motorcyclist, in his confessional statement, said on February 10, Joseph had invited him to take him to somewhere.

He said when they got to Liverpool Bridge, Moses got down and threw a carton in the lagoon.

Bello said after he was arrested, he later learnt that the carton Moses threw in the lagoon contained his baby.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prostitutes Are Now Free To Have Offices And Employ Staffs In Canada

Ontario's highest court has struck down a national law that outlaws brothels but upheld an effective ban on street prostitution, a partial victory for those arguing Canada's laws put sex workers in harm's way.

If the landmark decision stands - it will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada - the federal government will have to find new ways to regulate prostitution, perhaps by accepting legalized brothels of the sort found in Nevada.

Accepting money in return for sex is not illegal in Canada, but most related activities have been.

In a judgment released on Monday, Ontario's Court of Appeal found the laws violated the constitutional rights of sex workers by preventing them from taking safety precautions such as hiring bodyguards, having offices or working out of their own homes.

In hearings last June, the federal and provincial governments argued that it is prostitution itself, not the laws that govern it, that put prostitutes at risk.

"Prostitution is a controversial topic, one that provokes heated, heartfelt debate about morality," the court wrote in its opinion. "It is not the court's role to engage in that debate."

Nollywood And Hollywood Stars Tonto Dike And Gbenga Akinnagbe Covers Complete Fashion Magazine

The current issue of Complete Fashion magazine features non other than the very beautiful, controversial, daring and sexy Nollywood actress Tonto Dike.

Tonto Dike is one star personality that has continued to push the envelope, not caring for anyone else's standards but hers and she tell it all in her photographs and interviews.

In a sharp contrast, the male cover gives us dark, brooding, Nigerian-born American actor Gbenga Akinnagbe who tells of his triumphs in much vaunted Hollywood.

Nollywood Actor Enebeli Elebuwa's Health Worsens

The Nollywood veteran actor who has been battling with stroke since last year and we all thought was getting better or even well is reportedly in a pretty bad state.

Enebeli Elebuwa was first admitted at the military hospital in Yaba for a few months before he was moved back home to recuperate. Ever Since, his health has worsened. He is now receiving treatment from a from tradomedical doctor and might soon be moved back to his hometown in Delta State to meet some very good tradomedical doctors to help find a lasting solution to his ailment.

What Kind Of Justice Is This? 26-Year-Old Man Rapes 5-Year-Old Girl And Receives 1year Jail Sentence Or A Fine Of N40,000

This no doubt puts a huge question mark on the reputation of some Nigerian judges.

Is the Nigerian Justice System failing and in its responsibility to protect its citizens from criminals and paedophiles?

According to DailyTimes:

"A Gwagwalada Upper Area Court, on Monday, sentenced a 26-year-old trader, Samuel Nathaniel, of Kuje, FCT, to one year's imprisonment for raping a five-year-old girl.

The judge, Babangida Hassan, however, gave him an option of a fine of N40,000. The police prosecutor, Samuel Ochefu, told the court that Nathaniel raped the girl in his shop at Kuje Market. Ochefu said that in the process, the girl sustained serious injuries in her private part and was taken to Kuje General Hospital where she was treated at a cost of N153, 200; adding that the money had been refunded to the victim's family by the relations of the convict.

Nathaniel pleaded guilty and prayed for forgiveness.

But the judge said there was no reason why Nathaniel should not be convicted and sentenced. He ordered that the convict should leave the vicinity where the incident occurred within the period of three months and should also sign an undertaken to that effect."

It's quite sad to see that despite the repeated outcry against rape and sexual abuse of minors in the country, a man can get away with raping a five year-old girl! What is a fine of N40, 000 or a one-year jail sentence compared to the agony and permanent scar this man has made on the life of an innocent child? A 26 year-old man took a five year-old girl to his shop and raped her till the extent that she sustained serious injuries on her private part and a judge lets him walk!

There are two reasons that stand out in this report on why this man should never be allowed out of a prison. 1. He pleaded guilty to the charge meaning he knew what he did was totally wrong and despite the consequences, went ahead to inflict such wickedness on the young girl. 2. The victim in this case was a minor; a young girl who couldn't defend herself, who had no idea of the kind of injury this man was inflicting on her and who must have gone through serious pain in the process.

If he did this to this young girl, what are the chances that he wouldn't do it again in when he gets to another 'vicinity' according to the judge's order? I thought the justice system was supposed to protect innocent victims and not to recycle criminals back into the society.

Would this young girl ever forget this experience? If the physical scars heal, would the emotional scars ever fade?

For her and her family, I pray for healing and comfort. And for the 'justice' system that allowed this man walk, this is a wake-up call. There should be better ways to protect innocent children in Nigeria!

What Kind Of Justice Is This?
Source: Daily Times

What Is Wrong With Madonna's Bum Bum?

Old age I guess. The sensational pop singer was seen in her signature fish nets but hers bum bum was not so adorable. Critics believe that's its time for the pop diva to take a bow from skimpy fishnets, because you really can't outsmart age.

For a woman of her age, I think she looks cute but she can do better by revealing less of anything not age appropriate. Or what do you think?

Bobby Brown Is Finally Released From Jail

Bobby Brown who had a performance in Nigeria recently, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Los Angeles earlier yesterday but he has already left jail.

The ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston was released after the $5,000 bail was was paid.

According to the booking sheet the 43-year-old was pulled over Reseda, California at 12:20 PM PST.

After being arrested Brown was taken to Van Nuys jail when he was booked in at 1:22PM PST.

Brown is said to have been drunk at the time of his arrest, with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher.

Ohh Bobby pleaseeeeee!

Don't you think its time for Bobby to grow up?

29-Year-Old Man Rapes 19-Year-Old Sister-In-Law To Death

29-year-old Titus Ime raped his in-law, a 19-year-old woman identified as Blessing John, to death.

The incident occurred in a forest at Epe. The suspect allegedly trailed Blessing to her father's farm, where he raped her to death.

Ime, reporting the incident, said he assaulted Blessing due to her refusal to date him. The rapist cum murderer blamed his dastardly act on his "great love" for the deceased.

"I just moved to Lagos from Akwa -Ibom State to look for a job when I met Blessing. She is my in-law, as my uncle is married to her elder sister," he said.

"As soon as I set my eyes on her, I fell in love with her but I kept it to myself. When I could not bear it anymore, I went to her to declare my love for her but she turned me down. I kept pestering her but she refused blatantly that she did not love me; this made me angry."

Ime added that despite Blessing's refusal to date him, he had to device a means to force her to have sex with him.

"I did not intend to kill Blessing but my feeling for her was very strong. So after monitoring her movement for some time, I discovered that she goes to the farm to uproot cassava in the evening with her father. That day, I trailed her from her house to the forest. She was alone and she did not know I was following her, when she got into the dense forest and there was no one in sight, I ran ahead of her and grabbed her, and started declaring my love for her but she turned me down.

"I was very angry and I grabbed her dress. She started struggling with me but I took a big stick and hit her on her head, she slumped immediately and I bend down over her and removed her skirt and had sex with her. All this while, she did not respond but I still had sex with her a second time but I do not know that she was dead; I thought she was just unconscious."

After committing the act, the suspect hid in the forest for four days. He however came out of his hiding when he could not bear the hunger anymore, and reported himself to his family who then handed him over to the police for prosecution.

Blessing's corpse were discovered by her father and has been deposited at a public mortuary for autopsy, while the case has been transferred to the Homicide department at Panti, Yaba for further investigation.

Culled from DailyTimes

Nigerian Man Gets Jail Term Suspended In South Africa

A Nigerian man, Vuyani Vongwe was on Monday sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment by a South African Magistrate's Court for being in possession of a skimming device used to clone bank cards.
The Southern Africa Correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the sentence was however suspended for five years.
Vongwe appeared before Magistrate Amrith Chabillal at the Bellville Specialised Commercial Crimes Court in Cape Town.
 The Prosecutor, Emeralda Johnson, told the court that Vongwe had previously been jailed twice for armed robbery.
 Johnson suggested in his argument, that a heavy fine would send the message that convicted credit card offenders could not expect leniency from the courts.
But the defence attorney, Howard Andrews, said the convictions were in the 1990s and were of no relevance to the current charge.
In his ruling, Chabillal said that skimming devices could scan confidential information from bank cards and enable the production of counterfeit cards to be used in defrauding people.
 ``The reason for the Electronic Communications Act was to protect innocent consumers whose cards landed in the wrong hands.
``Though financial constraints had forced you to abandon your studies, the suspended jail sentence is your opportunity to make a fresh start; you are intelligent enough to know that study and education will put you on the correct road.
 ``Keep your nose out of trouble and stay out of jail, because if you end up in a criminal court again, this suspended sentence will be put into operation," Chabillal said.

NDLEA Goes To Appeal Court Over Baba Suwe N25m Lawsuit

It appears the end to the tussle between the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and comic actor, Babatunde Omidina aka Baba suwe is not anywhere near as the matter has again resurfaced, and NDLEA is seeking an appeal over the amount ordered to be paid to Baba Suwe by Lagos State High court.

Justice Idowu on Thursday November 24, 2011 had ordered the agency to pay the comedian the sum of N25m as compensation for illegally detaining and also publish a public apology to him in two widely read newspapers.

Femi Oloruntoba Director of persecution and Legal Services (NDLEA) said 'the agency has an appeal pending in court over the judgment of the lower Court'.

The lower court in a considered ruling on Friday, March 2, 2012 refused the application on the grounds that the applicant was granted a conditional stay off the execution pending the determination of the appeal.

Head public affair of NDLEA Ofoyeju Mitchell in a statement said 'The NDLEA in the motion of notice wants the appeal court to determine whether the applicant was entitled to the grant of stay of execution for the payment of N25m, pending the determination of the appeal filed by the appellant'

Justice Idowu ordered the government agency to, within 21 days pay the N25m to the Chief Registrar of the court. The registrar would then pay the money into an interest-yielding account in an agreed upon bank.

Gunmen Allegedly Fire Shots At U.S. Embassy In Abuja

The United States (US) Embassy in Abuja yesterday alleged that gunmen fired shots near its offices in Abuja and that no one was reported killed or injured.

In a statement issued in its website the embassy said it "believed there were shots fired" and that police arrested two people afterward. "We believe there were shots fired in the vicinity of the U.S. Embassy. The Nigerian authorities have two individuals in custody. We refer you to the Nigerian police for further information."

However, the Police reacting yesterday, said contrary to the report that there was a gunshot yesterday at the United State Office, where they said two people were arrested in connection with the shot, no arrest was made.

But in swift reaction, the police in Federal Capital Territory (FCT) said there was no such thing and that the masses should treat such report with levity.

The FCT Police Command's spokesperson, Moshood Jimoh, said if there had been any gunshot, the police would have been alerted immediately and would have brought the situation to order.

At the US embassy's office, security was tight and no Journalist was allowed to move close to the place.

SSS Discovers Bomb Factory In Kogi State

The Kogi state command of the State Security Services (SS) yesterday said it has uncovered improvised explosive device IED manufacturing factory in Kabba headquarters of Kabba/Bunu local government Area of Kogi state.

The bomb factory which is located on Kano road, Kabba was discovered in an uncompleted building was heavy secured by the Military men and the State Security Service.

The Unit Commander of the Anti Bomb Squad Kogi state, ASP Cletus Nzeji while briefing the newsmen said the owner of the uncompleted building normally visits the place late in the night according to investigation.

He said security agents had surveillance on the place in the last three days adding that it was around 2 am on Monday that the security agents finally stormed the area.

Items recovered from the building includes five finished canisters which were ready for use, large quantity of wires and ropes and also several jackets, including one military beret

At the scene of the bomb factory, a bank teller with 36, 000 naira deposited in one of the banks in Okene was recovered while locally made bomb ready for action were also recovered.

Information at the state security said they were tracking them down and perpetrators will soon be apprehended.

The sources added that criminal gangs in Kabba have fused in them adding that if they have completed the production it would have been terrible for the state.

As at the time of going to press the security agents are already working hard to demolish the building used for the bomb manufactures.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Toni Payne Debuts "My ChamPayne Life", A New Reality TV Series Airing Nationwide

A new reality series would be hitting Nigeria TV screens this April. Toni Payne, CEO of Toni Payne Concepts, a music, fashion and beauty company, is about to bare it all out in a reality TV series documenting her day to day activities while giving us an insight into her life as an entrepreneur and a mother.

Toni Payne: My ChamPayne Life is a series that documents the work life of Toni Payne; a Public Relations Executive, Entertainment Consultant, Online Radio Owner, Socialite, Makeup Brand Owner and Mother. The series will show how she balances her hustle, career and everyday life.

Toni Payne always had a passion for being creative, and an innate drive for business. Her passion for fashion, beauty and entertainment has led her to creating a niche for herself in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. Her businesses have gained her dedicated followers as well as highlights in various top magazines and she has been featured in popular entertainment news shows across the globe. Through the course of the years, Toni Payne has set a high standard and a great work reputation for herself in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. With the goal of fully achieving all her dreams while remaining relatively well-rounded, Payne continues to develop various skills to help improve and propel her work to greater heights.

Toni Payne: My ChamPayne Life airs on STV NETWORKS (Monday 2pm), TVC (Wednesday 630pm), DBN LAGOS (Tuesday 11pm & Saturday 9:30pm), ITV ABJ (Tuesday 6:30pm), ITV BENIN (Thursday 10:30pm), BCOS IBADAN (Friday 10pm, Tuesady 9am), ESTV ENUGU (Wednesday 10:30pm), DBS ASABA (Tuesday 10:30pm) MBI Obosi (Saturday 10:30pm) and is coming soon to MNET, UK and USA. It is brought to you by Reel E Networks; a news, lifestyle and Nigeria's first celeb reality based show currently produced in Lagos.

This is one hot new series you don't want to miss.

All For Freedom: Tibetan Protester Sets Himself On Fire During Protest (Photos)

Warning: Graphic Content!!!!

A 27-Year-Old Tibetan protester has been treated for severe burns after setting himself on fire in a demonstration during the Chinese president's visit to India.

The male protester sprinted for 50m through New Delhi today engulfed in flames as hundreds demonstrated against China's rule over Tibet.

The protester carried out the self-immolation as he ran near the speakers at a rally near the Indian Parliament in the country's capital.

The man, identified as Jamphel Yeshi, sustained burns on 98 per cent of his body and his condition was critical, according to the Association of Tibetan Journalists.

He was on fire perhaps less than two minutes, but some of his clothing had disintegrated and his skin was mottled with black, burned patches by the time he was driven to a hospital.

Yeshi, 27, escaped from Tibet in 2006 and had been living in New Delhi for the past two years, activists said.

He collapsed after around 50m as fellow protesters beat out the flames with Tibetan flags they were carrying.

Meet The 9-Year-Old Boy Who Could Die If He Eats Or Even Smells Food

Poor kid...can't even begin to imagine what the little boy is going through.

Nine-year-old Joshua from New York suffers from a rare disease called eosinophilic esophagitis which means that he is fatally allergic to nearly all foods. 

Pizza, hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; any snack a normal nine-year-old might dream up is off the cards for Joshua, whose reactions can range from vomiting and diarrhoea to anaphylactic shock.

Even the scent of food could be lethal for him, meaning that his parents must cook meals for the rest of the family on a patio grill. 

His dad, Brant, told Anderson Cooper: 'The hardest thing for me is that he cannot eat what we eat.'

The only thing Joshua can eaton a day-to-day basis is baby food. Other than that he gets his nutrients from a doctor-prescribed formula fed through a tube into his stomach.

Joshua is home-schooled by his mom, Cara, because of his life debilitating disease. 'Every morning Joshua wakes up at 6.45 and usually it's because he hears the school bus,' she said.

'Sometimes he cries when he looks out the window because he can't be on that bus, he will never be on that school bus with those kids.

'Right now I am looking at a future for Joshua with absolutely no cure. Every day he is alive is a miracle.

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