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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Men Will Be Extinct In 5 Million Years... And The Process Has Already Started...Scientist

A leading female scientist, Professor Jenny Graves claims men are heading for extinction....the bad news doesn't end there, because the process may have already started....lol....this is quite serious.

Professor Graves, one of Australia’s most influential scientists, believes that women will win the battle of the sexes – and in the most definitive way possible.

She says that the inherent fragility of the male sex chromosome, the Y sex chromosome, means that men are sliding towards extinction.
Professor Graves’s prediction hinges around the number of genes on the male and female sex chromosomes.
The female, or X, chromosome, contains a healthy 1,000 or so genes.  
What's more, girls and women have two of them.
The Y chromosome started off with as many genes as its female counterpart.  
But over hundreds of millions of years it has crumbled away, leaving fewer than 100 genes in modern man.
This includes the SRY gene, the ‘male master switch’ that determines whether an embryo is male or female.
What is more, while women have two X chromosomes, men have just one, ‘wimpy’, Y.
This is key, as the pairing allows the X to make crucial repairs.  
Lacking a mate, the Y chromosome finds it more difficult to patch up mistakes and so decays away.
Professor Graves, of Canberra University, said: ‘The X chromosome is all alone in the male but in the female it has a friend, so it can swop bits and repair itself.
‘If the Y gets hit, it’s a downward spiral.’
Giving a public lecture, the professor said: ‘It is very bad news for all the men here.’
And there is more bad news.
In her talk at the Australian Academy of Science, the professor described the remaining genes on the Y chromosome as being mostly ‘junk’.
She said: ‘It’s a lovely example of what I call dumb design.
‘It’s an evolutionary accident.’
However,  there is some good news. 

Professor Graves estimates that it will take five million years for the Y chromosome, and the men it produces, to disappear all together.

Culled from Mail Online

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  1. My question for the nutty professor is how humanty is expected to continue without men.


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