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Thursday, September 19, 2013

For The Sake Of 'Sugar Daddy': Young Lady Beaten And Stripped Completely Naked For Slashing Her Friend's Face (Viewers Discretion)

I just got this story which allegedly occurred about 2 days ago at Inikpi street, High level Makurdi, Benue State.  The lady pictured above had her face slashed open with a razor by her close friend (pictured below) for allegedly snatching her 'Sugar Daddy'.
While those who witnessed the events as it unfolds quickly apprehended the offender, beat her up and stripped her naked....SMH.
You can see the lady been rough handled by onlookers....see how they eventually stripped her completely naked after the cut...

What a show of shame.


  1. Y did they not tear her face and boobs too with blade? Stripping her naked is not enough.

  2. Naija sha
    , why strip her naked. Useless men

  3. this stripping (mob action beta stop)why do we have the law in place if we still employ jungle justice? Bad as it is men stop stripping ur ladies u could do with other means

  4. leave our husbands alone and get urs do something more challenging like having a single man for keeps the one u fought over will move on with his wife and other lovers.


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