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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Freeze CoolFM Calls 'Forbes Top 10 Most Bankable Artists In Africa' DAFT: Do You Agree With Him?

The broadcaster with over 15 years experience believes that Forbes Top 10 Most Bankable Artists In Africa is a daft list and as someone who has been in the Entertainment business for so many years, he has a better list for the most bankable Urban artist in Africa.
Just to clear the air, the word 'bankable artist' actually means an artist who is Guaranteed or likely to bring in money: likely to become financially profitable or to ensure the financial success of a film. And should not be mistaken for 'richest artist'....that is that...see more of his angry tweets below:
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  1. Abeg Freeze go sleep

    1. Is that aLl u have to say? Then u should be the one sleeping.

  2. As far as bankable artists are concerned that list is ok.

  3. I totally agree with him, that list is RUBBISH

  4. I could not agree less.


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