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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ini Edo Has A Message For Those Saying She Is Pregnant

The actress instagrammed this pic last week and before you could say jack people started insinuating that the actress was pregnant. Obviously that was why she tweeted the above message.
But na wah for people sef, what kind of man will grab his pregnant wife's tummy like that? Isn't it obvious its just over feeding?
Maybe people truly need to start minding their businesses. A baby will surely come at God's appointed time pls.


  1. y cant people just let this woman be?

  2. If she is pregnant, is it not a good thing? Or is she not legally married to her man?....hmmmmm! Except it has bcome a contract marriage.

  3. She got married since 2008 o, people are really waiting. If it can't happen naturally then she has to try other means.

  4. Leave Ini and her hubby alone.

  5. It's only God that give kids. They are still young and they still have time.


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