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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

72-Year-Old Father Kills Daughter For Refusing To Follow Him To Church

Police in Lagos State have started investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of a 14 - year - old girl , who was allegedly beaten to death by his father over  which church to attend.
The 72-year-old father,  John Udin, has been accused of killing his daughter for refusing to follow him to  his church.

The mother of the deceased girl, Comfort Udin, accused her husband of being excessively angry since the deceased  refused to attend his church.

She accused the man of using  a log, laced with nails, to hit the deceased,  simply identified as Ejiro, in the forehead, which subsequently led to her death.
The  40-year-old woman narrated that it all started last week Tuesday, when the deceased and others told their father that they were going to church other than the  church which he attends.
Nigerian Tribune gathered that  the disagreement over which church to attend led to a hostility between the man on one hand and his wife and children on the other hand.
John was accused of taking advantage  of the disagreement to whip the deceased Ejiro at every slightest offence.
He was also alleged to have locked the bleeding girl and her mother in the kitchen and the girl was not taken to the hospital until after five days.
The suspect, however, denied killing any of his  14  children, claiming that he wanted to hit his wife, who allegedly dodged the log and pushed her daughter to it.
He  narrated that on the fateful Tuesday, his wife and daughter had attacked him, after he told them not to go to church that evening because they  did not give him food  and they would not come back till the following day.

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