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Monday, October 28, 2013

Teenager commits suicide after parents banned her from Facebook

A teenager who killed herself after her parents banned her from Facebook left a note for a devastated family saying she couldn't live without the site.
Aiswarya Dahiwal, a second year college student from Parbhani, in the Maharashtra state of India, had asked her parents for permission to log on to the site on Wednesday, but they said no.

The teenager then got into an argument with the couple who told her that she should pay more attention to school work, and spend less time on Facebook.

The family also argued about Miss Dahiwal making long mobile phone calls to her friends.
Her body was found on Thursday morning, and police said that she had hanged herself. 
A note found in Miss Dahiwal's bedroom said that she had taken her own life because she was not allowed to go on the social networking site.

Police said that in the note the teenager had said that she couldn't stay in a home with the restrictions she felt she was being placed under, and that she couldn't live without Facebook.
Speaking the Wall Street Journal in India her father Sunil said the family was in 'deep shock' and that he 'never thought she would ever take such a harsh step.'
A case of accidental death has been registered by Indian officials and an investigation is underway.

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