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Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Did Kim Kardashian Come To Nigeria?

For now these are the only pics of Kim at Darey's much talked about concert....since Kim K is not difficult to spot here then I ask, is Kim K this short and unattractive? Because looking at Kim, Tiwa Savage, Waje and those other lovely Naija babes...I give it to Naija celebs.
And secondly, I heard Kim spent like 30 to 45 minutes at the event...and left the shores of Nigeria less than 24 hours after her arrival... so what was the essence of her coming? Why waste so much fund in bringing the almighty Kim K to Nigeria when we have better, finner, sexier, funnier and more intelligent celebs here? Was she worth the money spent in shipping her to Naija? I seriously doubt. SMH...anyway as soon as I can lay my hands on more pics, I 'll definitely post them.


  1. Kim short oo. lol

  2. Kim K short o. First pic had me wt second thoughts about her almightiness. lol

  3. wow,Yahoo mentioned your blog on their website,happy for you girl


    1. Thanks bro, I have been dancing Etigie since ooh.

  4. Came in here from yahoo...Hmmm madame congrats...

  5. Why criticize Kim K? Some promoter decided that she was worth $500k and paid her to appear at the event. I work in the Entertainment industry and totally understand how these deals are structured.

    Hope the promoters are getting the publicity they wanted. It appears to be a win/win situation for Kim K and the promoters.

  6. well it looks like the scamming nation got scammed themselves. kim is a porn star, social prostitute, but at least she got to be surrounded by her favourite commodity BLACK MEN. But I can't see her ever making the trip to promote or go to Nigeria again unless she is offered big bucks to do so.
    Meanwhile the poor and destitute continue starving. Oh well, this is the continent where many can't afford to feed, themselves and live on $1 aday lol.


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