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Saturday, September 7, 2013

''I Was Tricked Into A Pornographic Movie – Charles Inojie

Speaking on his role in a lewd movie titled “Calabar Girls” directed by Stanley William Inyang, the Nollywood actor said:
This is what I cannot even explain. Some time ago, a  senior colleague of mine invited me to be part of his new production. For over 15 years, he has not shot a single  movie as things  were really rough for him. 
He was staging a comeback and needed my support. I have known him for several years and as an undergraduate,  storming Lagos those days to attend auditions, he was one of the foremost directors in  Nollywood then. There was no way I could have refused to support his return to the industry.

That was how I ended up starring in that movie. To  win my sympathy, he narrated how a marketer once rejected  his film simply because he did not feature regular faces in the film. I appeared in few scenes in the movie which was shot in three days. I have no idea whatsoever regarding  what lewed scenes he had previously shot. 

In fact, I’m yet to understand why he decided to shoot such movie. I think he took his desperation too far. I’m  surprised that he used my face to promote pornography because the very day I saw the movie jacket, I knew something was wrong with it. 

There was no way I could have been part of the movie  if I knew from the out set that what he has shot was something close to an adult film.


  1. Dere's notin porno bout calabar girlz d cover was just sumtyn 2 catch pipz attention... Sum1 tell dat fool 2 shut d fuckup

  2. So u no know d story of the movie before u started acting abi?

  3. Shat.ap my friend.Why did u not refund the money they paid u?

  4. Mennnn, those boobs are hot.

  5. Isn't that the same man in the poster with tongue out?he is not a serious minded person,I guess the explanation is for his wife.

  6. Save ur breath oga, no body wants to hear.

  7. Next story pls. boring man.


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