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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shocking Video: Two Angolan Women Mercilessly Beaten With Sticks And Cutlasses By Angolan Policemen In A Police Station

I just stumbled on this very disturbing video of Angolan policemen mercilessly beating two women with whips, sticks, cutlasses and punches in a police station. The women were dragged on the floor and slapped. Their buttoms were exposed and flogged thoroughly before they were eventually forced to eat fresh peppers. Then they were tied to a pillar and flogged again.
This is the worst I have seen of violence against women. Why on earth would law enforcement agents do this? Why treat a woman in this manner? Don't they have laws? Like I said the video is very disturbing. So brace yourself for what you are about to watch...after the cut...

No woman deserves to be treated this way.


  1. Apart from the fact that there are other women in the background going back and forth without uttering a word against this brutal inhumanity, these animals,they are not men,must have wives,girlfriends,mothers,daughters etc in their lives. Imagine what they will be doing to those ones regularly,if they are heartless enough to behave and act like this in public! Jesus! Is this how they carry out interogations? Na wa!

  2. This is pathetic, so pathetic.


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