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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fan Lambastes Ini Edo, Mercy Johnson And Nkem Owoh For Playing Roles Of School Children

Ini Edo posted the above photo and that was what her fan wrote on her page.
To me this is pure entertainment and should not be taken personally...I know this is just an individual's opinion, but what do y'all think?


  1. The fan should go and sleep

  2. D fan is absolutely right!!!! Dis is one part dat we hvnt copied from hollywood. Its like george clooney playing a high schl teenager. We shld learn 2 use teeagers for teenage roles and its not compulsory we must see d same cast all d time cos dats d major reason dey are using menopausal/andropausal adults as kids.

  3. i kinda agree with her fan

  4. I think its just entertaiment although i m usually not entertained. Has this fan seen An american movie called the internship? It came out somtime in 2013...

  5. @Anonymous October 12:40 AM

    God bless you richly. You are absolutely spot on!

  6. Clap for that her fan.


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