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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fearless Traffic Warden Resists Fierce-Looking Body Guards And Issues Hillary Clinton Parking Ticket In London

This is the extraordinary moment that Hillary Clinton's security staff got into an argument with a traffic warden after he issued her car with a parking ticket.
Lol, the traffic warden  put an £80 penalty notice on the former US secretary of state’s silver Mercedes vehicle in Central London while she was attending an event at Chatham House and the row was caught on camera.
Five of her guards were waiting inside a Mercedes van next to her car at the time because it was raining.
She had earlier arrived in a motorcade of five cars with around 10 security agents. Her car was parked in a bay on St James's Square in Mayfair, which costs £3.30 per hour.
The warden then arrived and put a ticket on the car which had transported Mrs Clinton to the event, prompting her security detail to jump out of the van in protest.
One of the agents angrily waved his arms and flashed his badge to the warden, who remained unflustered and continued to issue the ticket to Mrs Clinton’s vehicle. Lol, what a brave guy.


  1. I would have had the cars towed away with her in it. lol

  2. If this traffic warden deserves anything it's a pat on the back for believing that no matter who you are, we should all be treated the same. Skekina

  3. The warden deserves a raise in his pay for a job well done.


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