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Thursday, October 17, 2013

'Harvard University' Drags Nigerian Woman/Founder Of 'Havard School of Management and Technology' To Court Over Trademark Infringement

The American educational giant, Harvard University with the likes of Helen Keller and Barack Obama as its former students, has claimed the much smaller, UK-based Havard School of Management and Technology infringed its copyright and “threatened” its reputation.

Reverend Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful, founder of Havard, has rubbished the accusations saying the school was named after her Nigerian grandfather and that it has nothing to do with the American university.
She said: “We first heard from them in February 2012 saying that we were infringing their copyright. It was completely bizarre.”
The transatlantic clash was taken as far as the High Court, where Harvard University said there was “evidence of confusion” between the two institutions.
There was no representation from Havard School at the case, which lacks an ‘r’ and the reputation enjoyed by its counterpart, but it did issue a counter-claim.
Dr Beloveth Powerful said she was ready to change the name but demanded the £2million that went into promoting and advertising the school.
She said: “We’ve tried to negotiate outside of court with them but we haven’t reached an agreement.”
Havard School offers courses in Business, IT, Tourism and Law, and was founded in 2010.
But there are reports that  the UK school does not have accreditation for courses it claims to run,
Dr Beloveth Powerful said her school was "about to be accredited".
She said:
"We are in the process, making procedures, taking practical steps,"
"Just because they haven't heard of me today, does not mean they won't hear of me tomorrow."
On its website it promises to be “a seat of wisdom” for prospective students, while also “a home of legends and champions.”
Dr Beloveth Powerful told the Milton Keynes’ MKWeb that she felt their time was ‘being wasted’, but that they “will not be intimidated” by the American university.

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