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Saturday, October 5, 2013

How We Survived The Crash... Feyi Agagu

Feyi  Agagu and the ill-fated plane  before it crashed.
Speaking to very close family friends and sympathizers as well as very senior government officials who came around on Thursday afternoon, Feyi  Agagu disclosed that just a few minutes before they boarded the ill-fated 23-year-old Associated Airline Flight, he did not feel very comfortable.
According to the family insider Feyi spoke to, 
“The young man said that once they got to the tarmac before boarding and once he sighted the plane, what struck him was the seemingly very old look of the plane”. 
Continuing, the source narrated: 
“Feyi said he didn’t like the looks of the plane. “He also said but for the importance and significance of the trip, his inner sense didn’t feel comfortable boarding the plane.
“In fact, Feyi said he told another survivor, Femi Akinsanya, that the plane looked too old and he didn’t feel like boarding.

“ But Feyi said he was told not to get himself worked up needlessly since this was not going to be his first time aboard a plane neither would this be the first old-looking plane that he would board.
“That was how he said he boarded the plane”.
Sunday Vanguard was later made to understand that the event which transpired between Feyi Agagu and his brother-in-law, Femi Akinsanya before they boarded that plane suggested that the former may not have had anything to do with the flight arrangement for the movement of his father’s corpse to Akure, the Ondo State capital.
“Why Feyi chose the back seat”, the source said, “was more a function of his state of mind about the state of the plane rather than a preference for taking a back seat.

“When they sat down, Feyi told me that he and Femi simply prayed that they should just take off and land safely, oblivious of what lay ahead of them.

“Feyi said once they took off, everything happened so fast.
“What he also told me was that both he and Femi noticed what looked like a crack not far from where they sat at the rear end of the plane.
“He said everything happened so fast that by the time the plane crashed on the ground, it was that crack that had been noticed earlier that transformed into a gapping exit point upon impact on the ground.
“Feyi said the exit point created was where he and Femi escaped through”.
Another source further revealed that most of the survivors of the crash appeared to be those seated at the rear end of the plane.
This is further corroborated by the fact that the first point of impact was the frontal part which eventually caught fire soon after crash-landing.

The brown coffin in which was laid the body of Agagu did not as much get destroyed despite the impact of the crash and the fatality number of 13.
More, the embalmed body of the late Agagu remained intact inside the coffin when it was opened for inspection, a source disclosed to Sunday Vanguard.
That was not all.

The most intriguing part of the discovery was that the body of the neatly dressed Agagu who was to make a statement of sartorial flamboyance even in death (he was to be laid-in-state at a well organized reception by the Ondo State Government and his political associates) was not ruffled.
“The cap on his head stayed intact even after impact”, a source told Sunday Vanguard.

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  1. I always tell people is better to seat at the back than front or first class, this same thing happened when ADC plane crash in 2006 in Abuja going to sokoto all the people at the back survived, even when the plane caught fire, the back was still intact, I was an eyewitness to that crash, I was working with ADC then, GOD IS STILL THE GREATEST


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