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Monday, November 14, 2011

Girl Stripped Naked For Allegedly Stealing A BlackBerry Phone

The girl is seen in this picture carrying the phone that she allegedly stole.

It was a very humiliating site today when a young girl was stripped naked, kicked to the ground, they were generally guys surrounding her, touching her, some slapped her ass somebody (obviously an idiots) attempted to put his finger in her vagina, just think of anything dehumanizing....she got them all because she allegedly stole a blackberry phone.

I learnt her face can be conspicuously seen in the video which will not be published on this Blog.
This is so unfair...you will agree with me that Nigeria does not operate a system of ANARCHY. Come to think of it, every body is INNOCENT until proven guilty.
This has to stop....!!!


  1. This is sad. What a shame! She is probably sick, something of Kleptomania. I pity her.

  2. The blackberry craze!!! Well it will soon fade away and I think that young man who attempted that insulted all nigerian women that pls nigerians remove your mind from the gutter,an unexamined life is not worth living


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