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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Domestic Violence: Quote Of The Day

Hadiza, who recently walked away from her torch light loving Husband and singer, Zaaki Adzay narrated a bizarre experience at the 'Peace Day' which took place on September 21 where the Wellbeing Foundation Africa, sought to create awareness about the human and emotional cost of domestic violence. In her words:

 “He slapped me on the face so (and said) ‘get up you must abort this pregnancy today. Now that I am married to you, you want to hook me with pregnancy because I am a celebrity.’ Then there was a wardrobe in our room so I put my tummy in there and then he continued beating me. He had some folic acid in his hand and said I should swallow it and abort the pregnancy. When he gave me I said he should allow me take water, thank God the door was open so I ran away.”

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