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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hyper-Realistic Tattoos That Will Blow Your Minds (PHOTOS)

 At first glance, they’re partially odd, bizarre and wholly terrifying. They are hyper-realistic tattoos created by talented tattoo artists.
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Scar tissue: One of Moreno's specialties is to show layers of 'muscle and sinew' below the skin, though of course, it is only ink
Terrifying: This tarantula looks as if it's creeping down an unsuspecting man's arm; clever shading and shadows help make these images look real
Man vs. machine: The bionic arms and biceps are a popular request from Yomico Moreno
Matters of the heart: This tattoo, also by Yomico Moreno, shows tattooed clamps holding open a heart that was apparently sliced by the scalpel
Skin deep: Again by Yomico Moreno, this graphic tattoo shows superficial pectoral muscles that were meticulously tattooed, complete with suture needles and stitches
Eye on the prize: A blinking grey eye looks up from the forearm of one of Moreno's clients
Soundscape: An audio mixing board and piano keys look like they're simply below this man's skin

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