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Friday, November 9, 2012

100-Level Female Student Of University Of Ibadan Drinks Bleach After Boyfriend Jilted Her

A 100 Level female student of University of Ibadan drank a poisonous substance called Hypo Bleach after her boyfriend jilted her. The student was reported to have drank the bleach after her boyfriend, a student of the same University, ended the relationship between them.

Here is how Tribune is reporting it:
Dumped by her boyfriend, a student of the University of Ibadan (UI),  drank bleach in anger.
The 100- Level student in the Faculty of Arts was said to have taken the solution, a product called Hypo, on Sunday when her lover, a student of the same university, told her it was over between them.
Students of the university are currently writing their second semester examination which began about two weeks ago and will be concluded by the end of this month.
Nigerian Tribune gathered from campus source that the lady was rushed to the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, to save her from dying.
It was learnt further that the news of a serious damage to her kidney had spread on the campus.
A singing sensation on campus was said to have quickly waxed a hip hop lyric entitled “Hypo Love” to teach other students, especially ladies, the morals of the incident.
A source within the university said the lady is now fit and back in school after the poison was flushed out of her system at the institution’s Jaja Clinic.
However, he could not confirm why the lady decided to take the bleach as investigation into the matter was still ongoing as of press time.
We are thankful that she didn’t die as a result of her action and we hope this serves as a lesson to other young ladies not to make decisions which might have deadly consequences in such situations.

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