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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Twitter Reports: Tonto Dike Is Beginning To Irritate Wizkid

They've been able to convince us that they are twitter buddies for for some now, despite their widely speculated romance. They both continue to insist there’s never been any romance between them.
But it seems Wizkid might is gradually getting fed up with Tonto Dike who many feel is fast becoming a ‘nuisance’ on the social network, Twitter
Wizkid expressed his displeasure at Tonto’s spelling skills on twitter as seen below:

Whereas Tonto Dike, twitter handle reads:

Also the controversial actress is fond of replacing her ‘S’s with ‘Z’s
Wizkid had earlier expressed his dissatisfaction with the actress venturing into the world of music saying that ‘she needs to chill’.

Meanwhile the actress is telling whoever cares to listen that the twitter handle @tontoIet does not belong to her in her tweets below:


  1. The only thing I can see is that ugly lace wig on Tonto's head. Eeeewww! Those things should be banned.

  2. Mammy water looking.


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