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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nude Chefs With Real Meals (PHOTOS)

WARNING: All readers less than 18 years, this Post is not for you Ok?
A rather strange website called; Naked Vegan Cooking was launched from the Manchester kitchen of the three extroverted friends in June 2011 and now has thousands of followers on the website, Facebook and on twitter.
According to the founders of the website:
 Naked Vegan Cooking is full of delicious, easy to cook vegan recipes and beautiful,  naked bodies and not an airbrush in sight. We believe in tasty food and positive body image.

We like to cook naked, for ourselves,  our friends and lovers out of our huge, messy shared house in Manchester. 

...they also believe Nude is not lewd...You need to click the Read More button to see for yourself...

Any word for them? Is this another Sodom and Gomorrah?


  1. This is Insanity, pure insanity.

  2. C'mmon get ur cloths on, perverts.


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