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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Veteran Actress, Joke Silva Speaks On The Other Side Of Her Husband, Olu Jacobs

The multiple award-winning actress had a chat recently with BellaNaija’s Adeola Adeyemo...here is an excerpt from that chat:
On what attracted her to her lovely husband, Olu Jacobs she said:
Oh, so many things. He had an incredible sense of fun which he lost at some point in the marriage but he’s gotten it back (laughs). He has this amazing laugh that is so rich and an amazing body with incredible shoulders which my sons have inherited. He can also be very proper about a lot of things and of course, the fact that we were both in the same industry was an attraction.
And on the most challenging period of her marriage, this is what she said:

We lost our first child in 1996. She had what was known as Blount’s disease in which her bones did not absorb calcium. She had an operation when she was three years to straighten her leg but by the time she was ten, it had started bending again. We were advised to take her for another operation so that she wouldn't have difficulty with child birth later in life. She had the operation and came out of anesthesia but then went into a coma and she never came out of it. It was tough, really tough. There are just some fields that carelessness should not be allowed, but hey, it happened. It can be really tough for the family that has to endure such an experience but God so good, three years later, we had another child who looks exactly like our late daughter but he came as a boy. One of the amazing things about God is that you go through some things and realize that He is the only one who has the power to heal and He helps you live with it. He turns my mourning into dancing again.

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  1. They look so happy!
    It's not easy losing a child!!!


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