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Monday, October 7, 2013

''I Have 168 Kids From Different Women And I Own Nobody Any Apology'' - African China

This may sound utterly incredible but its true. Popular music artiste, Chinagorom Onuoha, aka African China, has revealed that he is the proud father of 168 kids from different women.
Speaking with P.M.NEWS African China, who sometime ago was involved in a sex scandal in the United Kingdom, said he decided to accept the pregnancies because he did not want the ladies to abort the pregnancies.
“It is not that I enjoy running after the opposite sex, but as a star, I always find them around me and there is no way I can just chase them away. As a matter of fact, I have an option of telling the ladies to abort the pregnancies but I know the Holy Bible is against such.”
With the sex scandal still haunting him, Onuoha warned people who may want to bring his hard earned reputation into disrepute to be prepared for war.
“My brother, some people may want to use the sex scandal against me but they do not know that they may incur the wrath of the law because I have been certified clean by a competent law court in the United Kingdom. Such people would pay through their nose,” he said.
Commenting on how he is being perceived by his fans for fathering 168 kids, he noted that he bears no grudge over their reactions as he owes them no apology.


  1. I don't believe a single word from this story. # I don't think he is telling the truth !


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