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Sunday, October 13, 2013

'' My Dream Is To Establish A Church And Do Lots Of Charity Work.'' Ada Beverly Osu

Beverly said she attended Daughters of Divine Love Convent, Enugu State and thought she would be a reverend sister but abandoned the vision...she further said:
 In as much as I know worldly things, I still fear God and have faith in Him.  The reason why I wanted to become a nun was because I was raised in a Catholic home.  I just felt it was the best thing for me to do at that time. I used to see myself as a messenger of God.  Even though I did not become a nun, I still remain faithful to God. Part of my dreams is to establish a church and do a lot of charity work.
On the future of her relationship with Angelo, she said:
 I fell in love with Angelo. I am a very open person and I do not like to hide my feelings.  The concept of the show was reality.  Since it did not require pretense or play acting, I just became true to myself. Concerning the issue of sex in the house...
I have said it many times that there was no sex involved. The bathtub incident was just blown out of proportion by the media. If there was a camera inside the bath water, everyone would have clearly seen that Angelo had his boxers on.  But I guess since I was the naked one, it was easy to rush to conclusion. Time will tell if there is a future for the relationship.  Also, I believe relationships should be left in the hands of God.  He decides when and who you can move with from one stage to another. For now, I can only say I had fun while the stay in the house lasted and right now, I am still having fun. I am a young lady.  I have a lot going for me and so many things to be done.
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