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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Girl Pours Hot Oil On Friend For Sleeping With Her 'Sugar Daddy'

This fine babe has been badly disfigured by her type.

I saw this story and could not just let go because, at times some things happen and we don't seem to understand why. And if you ask me it makes no sense.

Can you imagine a girl pouring 'hot oil' on her friend/fellow 'runs mate' for sleeping with her man friend, which a lot of people call "sugar daddy".

See the horrifying Picture below>>>

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"Sugar Daddy" i.e. Someone else's husband and not either of their husband.
So girls can go this far to protect another woman's husband?

So it hurts to be cheated on abi? When the real wife is at home jerjer, one little prostitute is busy fighting over what is not her's. Now see what has become of birds of a feather.

The so-called friend

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  1. So girl can go this far to fight for what is not their's?


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