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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winner Of Miss Universe 2011; 'Miss Leila Lopes' Accused Of Using Fake Documents!

Controversy has began entangling the reigning Miss Universe 2011; Miss Leila Lopes. There are indications in some quarters alleging she used false paperwork to enter and win the contest in England.

An Argentinian newspaper Infobae published a report Thursday alleging that Lopes was unfairly allowed to participate in a Miss Angola competition for Angolan citizens living within the UK, regardless that she has by no means lived outside of Angola, stories ABC News.

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The report claimed that a man named Charles Mukano helped falsify paperwork identifying Lopes as a student of business management at a British faculty, enabling her to enter and win the competition there.Infobae cites stories in Angolan media that allege that Mukano might have even bribed judges in England to make sure Lopes' win.

Miss Leila Lopes Miss Universe 2011 was the primary Miss Universe from her country, but came beneath assault within the following days by Miss France and followers of Miss Phillipines as undeserving of the crown.


  1. It is now confirmed that it is all a story invented by Miss Argentina who is unhappy because she lost the contest! How low Miss Argentina really is!!
    FAIRPLAY, wait your time Miss Argentina! She WON!

  2. They should let her be jor, bad belle people.


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