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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Goldie Cries Her Way Out Of Big Brother Stargame

Nigeria's representative in the 2012 Big Brother stargame and United Nations Youth Ambassador, Goldie Harvey  has been evicted from the house. The eviction of Goldie did not come as a surprise to many people.
Goldie has arguably had the most emotional stay in the House, all thanks to her tumultuous relationship with the Masai warrior, Prezzo. In the days leading up to the Eviction Show, Goldie has cried a river of tears and after a horrible fight with Prezzo this afternoon, Goldie told Big Brother she does not want to spend the last three hours of her stay in the House, fighting with the love of her life.

Before the results of this week's Evictions were released, Keagan had to face his fellow Housemates and reveal his 'Save and Replace' decision. The South African Housemate told a crushed Kyle that he had been put on the chopping block. The tension in the House before the big reveal was palpable. The two lovers stood as far apart from each other as they could and when it was announced Goldie would be leaving, the Nigerian Housemate simply walked out.

Prezzo then followed her to the big Eviction Doors and had one final conversation. "I'm sorry about earlier. Can I get a hug?" Goldie seemed to mull over her decision for a bit, but then relented.

As expected, Goldie bawled on stage, after seeing a video of the people who had Nominated her.


  1. hehehe. when she finds out Prezzo nominated her the previous week na ocean she go cry.

  2. she looks ugly when she cry


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