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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mother Attempts To Kill Her 11-Year-Old Son To Forget Ex-Husband

An 11 year old Nigerian boy is battling to live at a Kano hospital after being stabbed by his mother, Joy Akule, 28, who was depressed after separating with the father of the teenager.

The lady (pictured above) who hails from Katsina-Ala in Benue state told journalists at Kano state Police headquarters that she transferred the aggression she had for her ex-husband to the innocent child.
“I wanted to kill him to bury the memory of his father because each time I see him, he reminds me of his father’s wickedness to me,” she said.
According to the state Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim K. Idris, Joy on 21 July at Sabuwar Abuja Quarters, Kano, northwest Nigeria used a knife and stabbed her son on his stomach, bursting the intestines.


  1. This story is crap,u just copy n paste without reading,no wonder u nobody comments.my dear logging is not by force. I know u won't post this but at least u got the msg.

    1. We are mere humans and we are seriously flawed, you failed to realize that and now ur comment has exposed u. what is 'logging is not by force'? and 'u nobody comments'? You see you still have room for perfection. Try and be more reasonable next time. Though i don't see why u are so bitter about this story anyways. ciao

  2. All these are signs of endtime. Parents should be more watchful that's all.

  3. This woman does not deserve to be called a mother, she is a she-goat. And must be made to face the full wrath of the law.

  4. Obehi try nd cross check b4 posting dis story isn't straight 4ward @all mother beating child,raping hw does it follow,,,,


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