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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

67-Year-Old UK-Based Nigerian Mid-Wife Accused Of Causing The Death Of A Baby After Home Circumcision Is Set Free

A Nigerian midwife based in the UK, who allegedly caused a four-week-old baby to bleed to death in a home circumcision operation is set free.
Grace Adeleye, 67 was  paid £100 to carry out the procedure on Goodluck Caubergs without anaesthetic, using only a pair of scissors, forceps and olive oil.
When she arrived at the family home at 5pm on April 16 2010, Goodluck was sleeping in his cot in the living room but was transferred onto a low table in the living room.
Adeleye brought her 'instruments' out of her handbag and dipped a pair of scissors into the water in a kidney dish - then carried out the procedure without any pain relief for Goodluck while his mother Sylvia Attiko closed her eyes.
Adeleye then cleaned the wound with cotton wool and applied a bandage but it was still bleeding when she left 40 minutes later.
Goodluck’s parents, who had no medical training, called Adeleye later when the bleeding continued but was told it was 'normal' and 'not a problem'.
When the bleeding still hadn't stopped the following morning, the baby was rushed to Royal Oldham Hospital just a mile from the family’s home where he died. Post-mortem tests found Goodluck died from blood loss.
Mrs Attiko burst into tears as she relived the operation and told the jury:
 'She said I could close my eyes if I could not bear to look but Goodluck was upset. He was crying.'

'I was feeling the pain he was going through. She just said it was a normal thing he would calm down. She said I should breastfeed him to calm him down.'
Adeleye, of Sarnia Court, Salford, denied wrongdoing. The mother-of-six said she had had no such problems before and had performed circumcisions on her two grandsons.

Adeleye was found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence after a trial at Manchester Crown Court and was given a 21 month suspended jail term some days back.
According to the Judge:
'No sentence would bring him back or ease the grief his family must ensure, the pain of losing him will stay with them what the rest of their lives.
Adeleye had set herself up as a mobile circumcision 'clinic' for Christian parent.

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  1. happy for this woman o,but I hope she has learnt her lessons,u cant practise ur local nursing here in uk.


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