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Saturday, February 16, 2013

American Actor, Forest Whitaker Wrongly Accused Of Shoplifting

Oscar-winning actor, Forest Whitaker, was on Friday accused of shoplifting from deli  in Manhattan.
An employee at the Milano Market approached the actor and accused him of swiping some goods off the shelf. The worker then frisked the Last King of Scotland actor in front of the other customers as if he was a lowly thief.

Not surprisingly, the employee found nothing on Forest's body, and the actor left the story in a fury. 
Whitaker's rep later released a statement saying:

'Frisking individuals without proof/evidence is a violation of rights,'  'This was an upsetting incident given the fact that Forest did nothing more than walk into the deli. 
'What is most unfortunate about this situation is the inappropriate way store employees are treating patrons of their establishment.'

The actor took the higher ground and didn't call the authorities on the employee, instead reasoning with the store manager to 'change their behavior' and 'treat the public in a fair and just manner.'

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