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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Check Out Some Hilarious Photos From Grammy Awards 2013

'Yes, Beyonce. I will marry you'....

No seriously Adele, I am back with Chris Brown... no, seriously. Why are you still laughing? Stop laughing, I am.'

Drake just said he prefers Atomic Kitten to Destiny's Child, didn't he?
Jay-Z couldn't contain his amusement at his mate's outfit choice, Beyonce just ignored it. She's above all of that.

'Is there anything in my teeth Justin? Have a look will ya?'
Oh Katy, hand placement...always beware of the hand placement.
Aaah that akward moment between ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend (of John Mayer).
Oh John, life is really hard isn't it for you. But seriously, someone ought to get him some dry shampoo.
Drake and Katy Perry are dancing together like it's a school disco.
We really hope she's telling him WHAT FOR. Whatever that means.
'Seriously, how do you get your hair like that Adele?, Do you think they can do that to mine?'


  1. Lol @Rihanna and Adele.

  2. Freaking funny stuff particularly Riri and Adele. Hilarious, cant stop laughing.

  3. Lol...this is so funny


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