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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How A UNILAG Student Gave His Kidney To His Dean To Graduate With First Class

There is this very embarrassing and disturbing story I saw online, about a 24 years old boy University of Lagos (UNILAG) student who couldn't give one of his kidney’s to save his father’s life...so he started confessing in the hospital on how he sold or gave one of his kidney to graduate with a first class.
He sold one of his kidneys to the dean of his faculty a few days before his convocation. He said he was being threatened with the reality of having to spend an additional two years to his already prolonged eight years stay in the school.

He was nearly in tears while he explained why he couldn't donate his last and only kidney to his father who is in desperate need of a kidney to survive.
...if this gist is true, then SHAME on that dean for bringing shame to Nigerian Universities.

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