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Friday, February 1, 2013

Kim Kardashian Caught Shopping For Engagement Ring

With her marriage to Kris Humphries, almost severed, a fantastic love-life with with boyfriend Kanye West and a baby on the way...don's you think it’s time Kim K started looking towards the future?
Well it appears the reality star was doing just that yesterday (Jan. 31) as she visited the Cartier store in Beverly Hills...eyewitness says she was shopping for engagement bands!
According to HollywoodLife.com: Kim Kardashian viewed a few bands on the main floor of the store before Cartier’s security took her upstairs via an elevator to the VIP section where they house more of their luxurious and exclusive diamond collection.
An employee at the store told us,
 “Kim has great taste and loves many of our pieces, such as this one, our Cartier d’Amour solitaire paved with diamonds. It’s a really exquisite engagement band, and of the finest diamonds you could buy.”

“I showed her a few other ones from a set of different collections,” the employee adds. “She was more interested in this one (the Cartier d’Amour solitaire paved with diamonds) and making some adjustments to it. Kim wants her piece to be custom, something out of the ordinary, and we’re certainly happy to accommodate her.”
Cartier’s website describes the ring as: “A wedding band like a pledge of eternal love, symbolized by the circle. 
Kim, who was dressed in what appeared to be all-black workout clothes, clutched her purse to her stomach, covering her pregnant tummy from the swam of paparazzi waiting outside....check out some of Kim's amazing baby bump pics...
Meanwhile, Kim’s divorce from Kris is expected to be finalized by the end of February. 

Is a Kimye engagement on the way? 

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