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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'The Church Is Ready For A Non-European Pope...Cardinal Peter Turkson Of Ghana

Benedict XVI’s shock resignation was last night threatening to throw the Roman Catholic Church into turmoil at the suggestion there could be ‘two Popes’ living side by side in Rome.
There were deep concern over what role he may play after he has stepped down...so last night the Vatican went out of its way to emphasize that for Pope Benedict, retirement meant just that: 'retirement' and that Benedict’s papal ring and other powerful emblems of authority would be destroyed when he retires...just as they are after a papal death.
The doubts over how the church will cope with two Popes became apparent as Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, who is among the leading contenders to be the first black Pope, launched an open campaign for the job to go to a cardinal from the developing world.
According to him:
"Mature clergymen and prelates that are capable of exercising leadership also of this world institution."

"I think in a way the church is always and has forever been ready for a non-European pope," the 64-year-old, a favourite of Benedict XVI, told the Associated Press on Tuesday. 

And he did not think the prospect was "too far away", he added.

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