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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

God Help OJB Jezreel!

Ever since the clarion call was made for Nigeria's foremost music producer/artist,  OJB Jezreel who needs N15million for a kidney transplant in India...so much has been said, with so much finger-pointing in the direction Nigerian celebrity. Of a truth N15million is not too much to ask from our celebs who spend so much on luxury...I agree one cannot work so hard and at the end feed like an ant, they need to enjoy their hard-earned money too...but for God's sakes 15 Nigerian celebs can conveniently cough out N1 Million each out without sweating.

And for those of us waiting for our 'so called' celebs... nothing is actually too small to donate to this cause...all we need to do is to search our hearts and be our brothers keeper...inasmuch as OJB needs our money, he also needs our prayers...because with our fervent prayers God can touch even the heart of the devil to help his child.
May God be with him and see him through.
All donations should be made to - Babatunde Okungbowa. UBA - 1015075120. Thanks and God bless you all.

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