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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nigeria’s Michael Jackson Look-alike Regrets Not Meeting With Jackson Before His Death

Nigeria’s Michael Jackson look-alike, Michael Eze popularly known as Walko-Chilko, till date still regret his inability to get in touch  with the “stage idol” while he lived.

Expressing regrets with Vanguard, Walko-Chilko  said,
 “ The greatest mistake I have ever made in my life was my inability to meet Michael before his death. While he lived, people advised me to send my photograph to him, but I never took the advice seriously until after his death.”
However, explaining why he decided to imitate the late Michael Jackson’s lifestyle even after his death, Walko-Chilko said:
“I play pop and I’m a good dancer. I  believe I have the same look with Michael Jackson despite my colour. I admire Jackson very much and I believe even the life a black man is living today is imitated”,


  1. Sorry for you dear....Dont worry You'll meet him when you die

  2. broke down aba made version of michael jackson...mr walko chilko....looool


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