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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How Facebook Destroyed Michael Jackson's Daughter, Paris Jackson

TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson's depression has been linked to bullying on Facebook. She has been upset by comments left on her Facebook page about her late father (Michael Jackson) and his lifestyle....these include comments about the molestation claims and others about the live Paris lived while he was still alive.
She took the comments personally. One source said they "destroyed" her, and there's a connection between the bullying and her recent cutting.

Jackson currently can't get on Facebook while she's in the psychiatric ward at the UCLA Medical Center. Her family is worried that she'll get worse if she goes back on the website when she gets out. They've tried to shut down the page but can't. Facebook's policy is that the family of a user can't shut down an account if that user is thirteen years or older. Her family thinks Facebook could lead to another tragedy but can't do anything about it.


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