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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do You Have Missing Teeth? Your Urine Can Now be Used To Recreate Lost Teeth...Scientist

According to a UK website: STEM cells from WEE could one day be used to regrow lost teeth, doctors believe after research on mice in Beijing.
A bizarre study showed that human urine could be used as a source of stem cells that could be turned into teeth-like structures.

The team of scientists hope the technique - published in Cell Regeneration Journal - could be turned into a way to replace lost teeth.
Researchers are on the look-out for ways of growing teeth to replace those lost through poor dental hygiene and age.

Stem cells - master cells which can be grown into any type of tissue - are thought by many to be the answer.
The group at the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health used urine as the starting point.
A mix of these cells - joined with other material from a mouse - were implanted into the laboratory animals.
The researchers said that after three weeks the bundle of cells started to resemble a tooth: "The tooth-like structure contained dental pulp, dentin, enamel space and enamel organ."

But some scientists rubbished the idea saying urine was not a good source.
Prof Chris Mason from at University College London, said: "It is probably one of the worst sources, there are very few cells in the first place and the efficiency of turning them into stem cells is very low.
"You just wouldn't do it in this way."

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