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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jungle Justice: Girl Accused Of Stealing Stripped Naked And Flogged By Women

Jungle Justice Again? This video shows how a girl accused of stealing (whatever it was that she stole, I don't know) was stripped naked, flogged and publicly humiliated. So Sad! SMH. But girls why can't you be contented with what you have naw? Also all these jungle justice has got to stop please!
Watch the video after the cut...

MORAL LESSON: If you don't stop stealing, this might be your fate one day!


  1. this increasing method of humiliating and putting helpless people through such dehumanizing acts of "jungle justice" is evil and is supposed to be stopped...by law. This is the same situation where Jesus Christ would say "he who is without sin should cast the first stone".

    Those randy bastards are just interested in seeing the girl "unclad", they aren't punishing her for her sake, but for their own selfish reasons...na una born am?

    What nonsense!!!

  2. may God Judge all of you, who witnessed, consented and came up with the idea to mete out this devilish punishment to this lady. With the same measure you mete out to her may you be meted out to...but in a million fold.

    Judge not so that you wont be judged but you have all judged just wait for your own judgement...its coming very soon.


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