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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is Nando On Suicide Watch?

On Sunday after the live show, Tanzanian representative in Big Brother Africa, The Chase, Nando was disqualified from the game following a very tempestuous argument that almost led to a fight with Elikem and carrying knives in his pocket.
During his stay in the BBA house, Nando appeared to be disturbed...but some of us never knew the extent to which he was actually disturbed.
It will amaze you to know that in  2011 Nando had attempted suicide because he saw 'taking his own life' as a way out of whatever problem he was facing...see his tweets wayback 2012:
...see his other disturbing tweet after the cut...

May God help him!
Nando Please Take Note: Suicide is NEVER a solution to any problem!


  1. Was that why he was always concealing weapons here and there in the #BBATheChase?

  2. Thank God he did not see it through. Sucide? There is no justifiable reason for any sane human being to take his/her life. Life at times can be very tough but you don't need to throw in the last drop of hope, for when there is life there is always hope. Thank God for ur life Nando, it is well.

  3. OMG! Poor dude, I wonder what he was going thru.

  4. Truly suicide is never a solution. Its not eVen near the list of solutions.

  5. No wonder he was always looking frustrated in d BBA house.

  6. Na ur life dear, anything u like feel free to do with it, Nando.


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