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Friday, July 26, 2013

''I don’t want to be a celebrity + I have somebody but I won’t tell you her name''...Jude Okoye

P-Square's elder brother, Jude Okoye who happens to be the manager and music video director for the award-winning group gave an exclusive interview to PM News recently. Here is an excerpts:

On being a brother to the famous twins
I will say that I am blessed and fortunate because it’s an honour to be the person behind them, and doing all the necessary things to keep the brand relevant at all time. At the same time, it’s not easy because every arrow and weapon tend to land on me, but I can’t complain because it’s what I signed and nobody is forcing me. I am blessed and happy that they’re my brothers.

On P-Square’s personal life

Paul is more on the reserved side while Peter is on the social side. Peter is like a socialite, outgoing person more than Paul. Peter has the motivating drive. He loves to ginger us into doing stuff and at the end of the day; you don’t have an option than to follow him.
As for Paul, he would not consult anybody if he has any idea before doing it, and after perfecting it, he would now call us into it.

On Celebrity life for him

Why are you people always forcing me to come to the public? I don’t want to be a celebrity and I am not one of them. I don’t sing, dance or act.

I love where I am now (hiding myself) and if I love to do that, how do you expect me to introduce the lady I am dating? Back to your question, I have somebody, yes. That’s all.

Like I said, I have somebody but I won’t tell you her name.

His ideal woman

The most important thing I look out for in a woman is understanding, aside physical beauty because everybody wants to look at the person beside him and be amazed and happy to have married a beautiful lady, not an ugly girl. Basically, your wife should understand you, especially when both male and female fans are swarming around you, wanting to take photographs with you and the rest. She must understand when you’re at work and office. That is my kind of woman.

“Peter and Paul already have kids; and we all know their heartthrobs. Can you tell us the one in your life?”

When I will kick bachelorhood, I will call you and my fans to come and eat and drink. Already, I have purchased the bell, when it’s time, I will ring it.

It’s taking so long because I am waiting for you people. Basically, why I am not yet married is that I don’t want to get married because I have all it takes to marry or because I am ripe. I want to get married and feel married so that I will be committed to my wife.

Although, I am not looking for a perfect person, but she must be a friend, partner, everything and someone that understands what I do.

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