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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mercy Johnson's Marriage Is Going On As Planned And Yvonne Nelson Is Chief Bridesmaid!

Mercy Johnson's wedding amidst controversial trailing the wedding and Ghanaian movie star, Yvonne Nelson is the Chief bridesmaid while Kenneth Kadiri is the best man.

I also learnt that popular comedian Ayo Makun popularly known as AY is billed to be the Master of Ceremony of the event.

Traditional wedding will take place at Iyana Iba, an outskirt of Lagos residence of the Johnsons on Friday 26th August "amidst tight security" while Reception takes place at 10 Degree Event Centre.

Wishing her all the best!


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  2. Mercy the Desparado.........AKA Husband Snatcher.

  3. WOW Elohor Isiohor? I said this thing oooo say she dey marry this man for im papa money. Oh seriously Elohor fuck up. Where she wan go leave Qwen you know that is not possible.Firat of Elohor is from a very poor home went to london practically as a maid for one big urobo family got to london and started dating the man's friends that were coming from nigeria. Moved to council flat and she still has today and rented it out and still collects giro.yes giro let them catch you.This elohor was a proper aristo and also proper pimp watch out for the lists of her fellow aristos abuja flight all the time. Elohor's mama will never allo her to leave owen no matter what. mama know where they are both coming from.Her mom a single mother does not her daughter to end up like her. Elohor's mama can become dadly in this game and will consult her afican juju if owen baby mama is on their way.
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  4. You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. I am your newest follower. Please follow me back...

    ♥Love from Turkey (Türkiye)♥


  5. Pictures turned out to be so gorgeous. you both looking such a stunning couple. Take care of each other.


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