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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Billionaire Business-Man, Ambassador Antonio Dehinde Fernandez Abandons Properties In Kano

Some couple of weeks ago a Boko Haram leader and his pregnant wife were kill in a 5-hour gun battle close to the farm and horse stable of Chief Deinde Fernandez, who is also Garsan Fulanin Kano, a traditional title in the Kano emirate.
He is married to a beautiful woman from Kano, Haleema Fernandez. Billionaire business man and one of Africa's richest men, His Excellency Ambassador Antonio Deinde Fernandez built one of the biggest palatial homes in the state, a two-storey building replica of one of his homes in Europe located on Alu Crescent. He also acquired quite a number of properties in the state, including one of the largest horse stables in the country, which he has since abandoned, horses taken away.
The billionaire hasn't been back home in a while, leaving his properties to rot, and with the crisis going on in the North, he will probably not be back anytime soon.

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