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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Confusion As N300,000 Church Collection Turns to Paper

Fear and confusion gripped residents of Hwolshe in Jos, when N300,000 church collection suddenly turned to a bundle of papers as it was about to be deposited in the bank.

The money, which belonged to St. Mary's Parish, Hwolshe in Jos South Local Government was handed to Miss Ifeoma Eze, the Church Secretary to be deposited in the bank before the mystery occurred.
Eze said yesterday that she had filled the teller at the main branch of Jos Zenith Bank with the money wrapped in polythene but saw papers when she was about to give the cash to the cashier.
"The money was intact when I left home for the bank but on getting to the counter, I opened the polythene bag only to discover that it has turned to bundles of papers. I was so confused and scared; I started screaming and was oblivious of the attention I was attracting as bewildered customers tried to console me", she said.
She said she was particularly confused because she was wondering how to relay the story to the Parish Priest who entrusted the money to her.
A church member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it was not difficult to believe Eze's story because she was the church secretary and had handled its funds without any blemish in the past five years.

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