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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fashion Face-Off: Make A Pick

If you are to pick a little black and a hot pink heels, which will you go for? 
Is it Karen Igho's boobs hugging, long sleeve little black dress and with eye-catching pink platform, Fashion Policewoman, Kelly Osbourne's one-shoulder little black dress, Reese Witherspoon's figure hugging, bump accentuating Versace ruched long sleeve black maternity dress and hot pink stilettos, Kourtney Kardashian's structured black dress and a pair of platform orange (...ish pink-ish) sandals or The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev's black lace corseted dress with sexy platform?
Make a Pick?


  1. Karen and Karen.

  2. Karen and Kourtney

  3. i will go for Reese Witherspoon anytime any-day. she really rocked her LBD

  4. Pls y does karen's leg look like dat smh nd obehi ur blog is bcumin quite interestin
    Thumbs up ^_^

  5. Karen, but her legs sha

  6. Reese first and Kourtney second.

  7. Reese n Kourtney. Dey both luk classy. Obehi ur blog is soooo on point. Thumbs up love. Oma baby

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  9. kelly osbourne's one shoulder black dress. really love it


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