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Saturday, July 7, 2012

'The Ladies I Dated Gave Me Fame'...Sammie Okposo

Sammy Okposo is one of the most prominent Nigerian gospel singers that has taken his trade all over the world. In a recent interview with Nigeria Tribune, Sammy made a very interesting remark on his previous relationships with prominent ladies. Excerpts:

You were quite notorious with the women, why was that and what did these women see in you?

Unfortunately for me, all the women I had relationships with, were very popular  and powerful women way ahead of me in the entertainment industry. I once dated a Miss Nigeria, a very popular actress and a few others. What made me popular was like a mystery. When people wanted to know who I was and how I got to date those women, they started digging and that was how I became relevant. It was not the awards I received that brought me fame, it was the ladies I was connected to.

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