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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

See The Ad Which Turned A Builder's Bum Into A Set Of Boobs (PHOTOS)

Cheeky ... bloke reveals his bum cleavage in clever ad campaign

A canny ad agency designed these t-shirts to promote jobs in trade.Under the tagline 'more attractive than you think', the cheeky campaign aims to get youngsters in Germany behind the idea of a hands-on career.
Berlin-based Scholz & Friends have been tasked by the government to lure future plumbers, builders and mechanics with a sexy approach.
Builder's bum as breasts
                              Busting out ... mechanic looks like his jeans are too tight

And photographer Markus Mueller's shots for the campaign have become a web hit.
Fans have shared the quirky shots across Facebook and Twitter - with most punters asking where they can get similar tees.
Sadly, the tee-hee tops were created specifically for the shoot.
Butt it's only a matter of time, right?
Builder's bum as breasts
                               Sink-redible ... clever ad aims to promote jobs in trade

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