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Monday, February 4, 2013

I’ve stopped hating the person that threw acid in my face...They may have burned my skin, but they can’t burn my soul....Naomi Oni

We reported the sad story of the Nigerian girl that has been left scarred for life by acid in London, but just  last night she bravely pleaded for her attacker to come forward.

Naomi Oni, 20, suffered full thickness burns to her face, arm, hand and leg in the terrible incident.
She was also left blind for two days and lost her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes after a person in a niqab threw the liquid over her as she walked home from work.
Speaking exclusively to The Sun, the Victoria’s Secret shop assistant from Dagenham, east London, said: “This could have happened to anyone and I just want this person to come forward. How can they sleep at night knowing they have done this?“I have stopped hating them. I just feel sorry for them and I wonder what’s going on in their life to want to make someone else suffer like that.“But I would like to see them caught, for everybody’s sake.”
Attack ... a niqab similar to the attacker's
She said: 
“The doctors were washing my eyes out for about 45 minutes and afterwards I looked in the mirror. My head was about ten times its normal size and my face was so swollen. What shocked me the most is that it was so black. I’m light skinned and I looked like burnt toast.“I started crying. If Ato hadn’t been with me I would have tried to take my own life. I thought, ‘My life is never going to be the same again’. I wanted to train as a theatrical and media make-up artist but I thought, ‘Who will hire me looking like this?’It sounds silly but I was still in shock. I was so angry because I had just had my hair permed and extensions put in and I was so annoyed they were ruined. I just hadn’t taken in what had happened to me.”
 Naomi had an operation to remove the damaged tissue from her face and head and was given an allograft — in which doctors use a synthetic skin to cover wounds.
She then had another op to graft skin from her right thigh on her face, forehead and left thigh. The graft has pulled down her right eyelid, meaning she cannot close her eye properly.
Medics have told her she will have to wear a plastic mask in future to help her skin heal. 
She joked: “When I first saw it I thought, ‘This is awkward, my thigh is on my face’.”
Naomi, who was discharged on January 25, spent three nights staying in a bed and breakfast with mum Marian because they were too afraid to go back to their council house.
Naomi Oni
Beaming ... Naomi before attack
Naomi said: 
“I’m afraid to go back to Dagenham because my attacker is still out there. How can I go back if I might bump into them again?”Police have found no CCTV footage of the attacker, who Naomi says was about 5ft 6in tall. She added: “The silhouette looked like a woman but it could have been a man and they had the same complexion as me. The police haven’t been able to find anyone — they even asked my aunt if I had done it to myself, which really upset me. Why would anyone do this to themselves?“Anyone who knows anything about this, please come forward. I just don’t want it to happen to anyone else.”Naomi said she had been encouraged by the story of model Katie Piper, who was severely burned in a deliberate acid attack in 2008.She said: “I remember reading about Katie and really relating to her because she was into fashion and the same things as me.“I remember thinking, ‘If someone did that to me I would die’. She’s so brave. She’s given me hope that I won’t always look like this and things will get better.”
Naomi, who had planned to go to college this autumn, now hopes to help other facial injury victims. She said: 
“This has taught me that life is too short to not follow your dreams — I have to go for it. Maybe I can be a make-up artist working with people who have had a similar experience or who have skin problems.”And despite her ordeal Naomi insisted it had made her stronger.She added: “This has made me realise so much about myself.“Before, I was a fashionable girl and I loved make-up. I loved my hair extensions and long hair — at work they called me Beyonce.
“The person who did this couldn’t have chosen a better target if they wanted to get someone who liked to look good. I felt they were laughing, as if to say, ‘You like to look pretty, how are you going to do that now?’ ”She added: “It doesn’t bother me now to look at myself in the mirror. I used to spend three hours getting ready to go out but that’s not important to me now because I know looks don’t define a person.“The person I was before lacked confidence. I’m proud to be who I am. Girls worry about stupid things, saying, ‘I don’t have this’ or, ‘I don’t look like that celebrity’ and they don’t have any love for themselves.“I have it now — it took something awful to make me realise it.“They may have burned my skin, but they can’t burn my soul.”


  1. To wear a niqab is a personal choice not a religious necessity and this is not the first time it has been abused. These garments need to be outlawed, there is no place for them in this day and age.

  2. Ignorant idiots wanting niqab and hijab banned. How hilarious. How about ban the bum shorts?

  3. This is so sad but I'm glad she isn't letting it eat her inside.


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